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Our cat is missing from Sunderland Road. Last seen at lunchtime today (Tues) but only other time he hasn’t come come for dinner we found him in a neighbour’s garden having been clipped by a car (that was 18 months ago). Very friendly and nosey, so often in people’s houses (we’re told). Please keep an eye out. Thanks


From the SE23.life Facebook page:


Just saw a cat with very similar colouring in my garden on Sunderland Road. Was at the back of the garden so hard to tell if the face was twas dark as your picture. It looked very healthy.


Thank you for posting. We have another one who’s v similar but with a grey face, so might have been him, but will go out and call anyway, in case.


If I see him/her again I’ll make a point to notice the colouring on the face. Good luck. This must be a terrible time for you.


Just bumping this to the top. Still missing. Please check your sheds and garages etc, as even if he’s not had an accident, he won’t survive much longer without water… Thanks


Very sorry to hear your cat is still missing, but for the benefit of new members, our guidelines are to avoid bumping your own topics. Thanks.


Then I will bump it! I heard that there was a possible sighting in Dacres Road, so if anyone’s in that area of SE23, keep an extra eye open.


We both have been keeping a keen eye out but have yet to see the cat I saw last week to verify whether it was your missing cat or your other one.

I see you’ve put signs up nearby. I hope that gets a response. Just to note I think the one by the corner of Sunderland Road and the South Circular has come down. It was there. Then it wasn’t.


Thanks. Posters have generated a few calls/texts. One lady on Kemble Rd whose daughter was in tears because he used to visit her most days (our own 6 year old was crying herself to sleep most of last week…) and a possible sighting on Dacres Rd (but then someone else saying that they have two Siamese on Silverdale, so it might have been one of them). Wonderful community…but still no cat…We’ve downgraded our hopes now to just finding out what happened, as not knowing is worst I think.


When their cat in a neighbouring road went missing for quite a few weeks, they put posters through all the doors, as well as posters on lamp posts etc. But I’m assuming you have already done this?
You mentioned someone had 2 Siamese? Could one of those be yours? After all Siamese are expensive aren’t they? :wink:have you tried Celia Hammond or any local vets?


There is a thread on Se23 mums on facebook about this. Is this the same cat??


Not sure. If so, it wasn’t me that started it. I’m an SE23 dad, but not a member of that group so can’t view it. Is there anything positive in there? Thx


Sorry for another potential sighting but I saw a very similar looking cat yesterday at the top end of Devonshire road (first 100m or so towards HOP station). Lots of miaowing which I thought was strange.

Maybe worth a look…


siamese cat spotted at end of Devonshire road near Honor Oak. Apparently it lives there. The thread says somebody checked it out


Ah, OK, thanks. Yes, I met him, in fact! Very similar looking but a bit darker, and older.

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Saw this on Twitter. It’s a long shot but…