Missing dog

My dog Lulu missing today afternoon from SE23 2EA. If someone find his please call 07450653772.

Hope you find her and I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Have you tried local vets to see if she’s been handed in (or scanned if she’s chipped) and also local dog pounds?

I have shared on the SE23.life social channels. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Yes i start tommorow check local vet

Hello, I saw your missing dog today at 12.05pm. She was running past the pocket park in Kirkdale, just past the garage. I was startled to see a little dog on its own, so I walked quickly after her, trying to coax her to come to me. She started running & turned the corner, possibly going back to the pocket park. When I got to the corner, I couldn’t see her. The man in the hairdressers World of Hair saw her too & we both stood looking for any sign of her but couldn’t see her at all. I had to be back at work at 12.15pm so I left. I’m really sorry, I wish I could have caught her for you, but I couldn’t see her when she turned the corner.


Hi. It was 12pm or am becouse he run away before 4pm

Ah she is so cute :slight_smile:️ Hope you find her very soon.

I read that Lulu was found injured and taken to the vets but cannot be treated anymore.
There is a post about it on Facebook here.

Oh that is so so sad, she doesn’t even look very old :frowning:️?

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