Missing plants

Is anyone noticing there plants going missing at all?

Dug out of the garden or pots? I know in the past, there have been spates of planters and window boxes disappearing.

Dug out of the garden.

Wow! That’s brazen! We don’t have much in our front garden so haven’t been impacted.

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I’ve had it recently by (I think) foxes.

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It has been happening. There have been stolen herb plants from the FHS-planted planters from in front of the Sylvan Post. This morning I noticed about 4-5 small shrubs missing from planting at the corner of SC and Sunderland Road. This was on the property of the small block of flats there.

Yeah this definitely sounds more serious than the fox events in my garden.

Yes! We’ve had multiple shrubs stolen from our communal garden (next door to the Horniman). Definitely not foxes - they were planted deep into the ground and have clearly been wrenched out. Very annoying!

The reason I ask… is that I have seen a certain person steadily collecting plants. And today saw them walking down Waldram park road with a spade and freshly uprooted plant in tow.

I’ve been giving them the benefit of doubt. Maybe someone gifted them or were throwing them out. But there would need to be a lot of generous people out there for this collection. Maybe there’s a plausible reason… I shall check the locations on my run.

OMG! That does sound suspicious… how many free plants can one person realistically get. Might be worth flagging it to 101 so there’s a record/description although suspect many won’t report their missing plants.

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What does the SC stand for on the corner of Sunderland road?

Ohhh :roll_eyes: south circular… yes this would be very close to the location. But walking down from the telephone exchange towards that junction.

Yeah… a resident in the black has been creating little flower gardens on the path, a rock garden and some borders. Really nice. I’m gutted for her.

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Could you try reporting it to Perry Vale PCSOs? I’m not sure if the online option is actually effective:

They’re often walking around the area so if you can give them the person’s description and which area, they could keep an eye out.


Oh no! I was worried when I first noticed that someone had planted some nice colourful plants and shrubs outside that block, and always have a look when I went go past to see how things are progressing. In fact I went past about an hour ago but having got off a bus with a full and heavy shopping trolley and spots of rain falling I was in a hurry to get home so obviously didn’t notice what has happened. I must admit I did wonder at the beginning how long it would take somebody to help themselves or just vandalise what had been done but as they had been in several weeks without any mishap I was hopeful that would continue. I feel so sorry for whoever spent their time and money trying to make things look nicer for not just the flat residents but others of us who live locally.


Me too!

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Unfortunately I’ve not had much luck using 101 on a number of occasions… and one was to report an assault.

Can’t really miss said person… 6ft ish, wears a black beret, black clothing, beard and usually on a spray painted black Santander hire bike. Like I said maybe I’m wrong, but certainly suspicious behaviour.


Hi how do I pm uou need to talk

A couple of years back I caught a woman who was with a group on one of these organized plant spotting walks through Sydenham Hill Woods, digging up the primroses from my front garden. Primroses my mum had given me. I chased after the woman and got my primroses back but she had a rucksack with other plants in it. I mean who goes on a nature group walk with a trowel? When I contacted the organizers of the group, they said they couldn’t understand it because there was nothing of interest in primroses! Well there bloody was for me!

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