Missing polling cards?

Normally Lewisham send polling cards weeks in advance, but we haven’t received any yet for the forthcoming European Elections… Before I start to consider a possible conspiracy, are we the only ones?

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I voted by post so I cannot help on the missing polling card front.

If memory serves me correctly you don’t need your polling card to vote.

We got ours weeks ago. But as you probably know you don’t need your card to vote.

We got ours a few weeks ago as well. I’ve not actually looked at them to check which polling station to go to, just in case it’s different from the normal one.

I hadn’t received mine either but I emailed Lewisham Council and they got back to me within two hours to confirm I was registered, so worth emailing them to check Electoral.Services@lewisham.gov.uk. As @NorthernMatt says, you don’t need your polling card so as long as you’re registered you will be fine.

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I have received my polling card.

Have you received anything? Hopefully you are on the electoral register and can vote anyway.

I haven’t received mine but my partner has - odd. I’ll send an email but I’m also just going to go down to the polling station and vote as normal.