MISSING [solved]: Midnight, our little black cat

UPDATE: thank you everyone ! Midnight is safely home x :grin: we are over the moon

Our lovely catto Midnight has gone missing in the heat! :frowning:

She’s black, no markings, quite skinny and not very big for an adult and she is chipped.

We last saw her on Saturday - she lives up on Canonbie Road. She’s friendly and we hope she’s simply bewildered herself into someone’s living room for some food and shade.

It’s unlike her to walk off for more than 24 hours - so if you could check your garages so she’s not stuck somewhere or if you have seen her please get in touch!

Thank you so much x

Matilde phone: 07454 757072


We’re in Tewkesbury Ave so will keep a look out for her.


Not entirely sure if it was her but it might have been her that I saw on Rojack Road a few mins ago.


I’m sorry to hear about your lost cat. The post has been shared on the social media channels too:

Let’s hope she’s found soon.

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Hi Matilde
I spotted that a post on SE23 Mums facebook page about 20 mins ago that someone had found one:

Hard to say if it’s Midnight from the pic? Hope you find her!


Looks like the same one to me (please let it be Midnight!)


Thank you Ali ! That could possibly be her. :smiley: I’ll get added to the SE23 mums group and get hold of the poster

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Thank you Valerie ! I’ll have a wander down with some cat snacks later :crossed_fingers:t2:

If I wasn’t in Bromley and just ready to go on court to play racketball I’d be wandering down there with some cat snacks now!

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Any update? I’ve been crossing my fingers for too long now!

She’s found ! We got her back in just 30 min ago :smiley:


Great news!
Thanks for letting us know that moonlighting Midnight is safe.