Modern renovation of 1930's house



We will hopefully become SE23 residents in the next month or so subject to exchanging. We currently live in Peckham and have been trying to find the right property for well over a year now.

The house is by the Horniman and is need of quite a bit of modernisation. Whilst searching for our home, we viewed a few of the 1930’s houses on Tewkesbury Avenue that had been modernised and we loved the the modern ‘box’ extensions to the side of the houses.

Has anyone done anything similar and would be happy to share photos of their modern extension/renovations? At some stage we will get an architect on board, but for now (and while we wait to move in) I’d like to daydream about the possibilities!

Also I’d be grateful for any local architect recommendations?

Thanks in advance! We’re looking forward to finally becoming SE23ers, it’s been a long time coming!


Can you post a picture. So we can what similar means ?

There’s a number of 1930s plus extensions up here in whittell Gardens and neighboring sydenham Park rd.



Good point!

We viewed this property on our house search and really liked what the owner had done.


Wow that’s great! Unusual to have as much spare land as that to build on. The house round here only have back and rear extensions with an occasional small side extension.