Moped Mafia strikes again


Just read half of the thread and wondered…the police cannot catch the offenders cause they are too fast and too quick, difficult to ID them, fake plate numbers. So, can local residents help the police? My suggestion is any resident reports the sight of these guys on scooters, one or group - does not matter. We can report on this forum in a dedicated thread. The exact place seen (as specific as possible) and time of the day, how many bikers, as much description as possible. Then a dedicated police officer or officers create a map of those gang sights with time of their appearance which allows the police to predict where and what time those gangs may possibly be. This will give them specific places to have unmarked cars to catch some of them. As in any gang group, there should be leaders - take them down, a group or groups will likely disperse. Also, those gangs communicate via messaging apps or social groups. Having in posession few phones of those moped gangsters will allow to trace most of them. But all residents need to come together to support the police to resolve this issue…if the police will be willing to take this approach.


There are a number of Twitter accounts for reporting such things now. Although not sure how interested the police are with it or how they can use the data. Be nice if it was of use.



This lovely fellow is from Forest Hill apparently.


I have often wondered how I might react if attacked or surrounded by these bandits.

The answer is in the article - one of the criminals produced and brandished a sawn-off shotgun at two plain-clothes officers.

So in those circumstances everything I have is theirs - and hope that they do not have an acid spray too.

Six years ?

Not enough by a long chalk.


Probably. But he was found guilty of “possessing a firearm” not of attempted murder. What is possibly more worrying is that the case against his alleged accomplice was dismissed. But it is difficult to form any sort of conclusion without examining all the evidence.


Given the minimum term is 5 years it does seem a little light.


Good thoughts @Michael.

However the ability to instil fear and intimidation in other people can be life-threatening in its own right. How many times have we heard of victims suffering panic attacks or worse, heart attacks, in the execution of these crimes.

And by deciding to take a sawn-off shotgun with them, their actions can undoubtedly be seen to be pre-meditated. They could hardly claim they were planning to hunt vermin.

I say again - not by a long chalk.