More Yoga Delayed opening..?

Hi all, I understood this new studio on Dartmouth rd was to open “early September” but still nothing. I asked via Instagram and was told about a delay & that I can have a refund but no further information. I was advised to contact the company, which I did last week and have not received any response. Such a shame, I had high hopes.
Can anyone here shed light on the situation for me please?
Thank you

Hi there, I also had the same question. I contacted MoreYoga on Facebook who replied:

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately he have run into some legal issues which will be sorted but we are unable to give a timeline. It will take time but it’s only a matter of time.
You are welcome to start your membership early if you wish and use other studio until Forest Hill studio is open.

I am currently trying to confirm if I will still have the discounted rate if using another studio.


Thank you for that @Cheddarbird
Sorry that you had to communicate on More Yogas behalf!
All the best

Their planning application for leisure use was refused -


That’s so helpful @Anotherjohn so they may not be opening at all!

Thank you

They could try to appeal the council’s decision but, as this is their 2nd refusal (and for very strong reasons), I don’t know if they’d fancy their chances - and it would probably take another 6 months.


Ah no that’s such a shame! I was looking forward to this opening.
Do you know why the planning application was refused?

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The main things were noise and public access I think. Had a look at the application on the councils site, I could be wrong.

According to same site, their refusal was issued July 23rd - yet have been selling membership ever since.

Another HUGE issue is that the property wasn’t proven not to be viable for office use, due to the fact that it hadn’t been through a long-enough marketing process.

Such a shame. This would have been an asset to the area.

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Gutted, I was looking forward to this


After many attempts to get any response by phone I had to download an app to even send a message to more yoga…

*We did unfortunately have the planning application rejected by the council on the basis that a B1 Use is more beneficial to the local area. We have been working with a planning agent for over a month now to appeal this decision and provide further evidence in order to ensure we can successfully launch the studio as still very much plan to. *

We were hoping to email all clients to hopefully show support in the planning application once it goes live once more, if you have further questions or feedback - please do not hesitate to contact me on

Hi, has anyone heard anymore on this? Will this studio still be opening? Thanks

This is a shame as i think it would be a popular business on Dartmouth road. The range of different individuals posting on this thread to express disappointment demonstrates that.

The Council is stuck in the past with its needless red tape at a time when Forest Hill High street is full of boarded up businesses. Why can’t it support small local entrepreneurs who want to help make this place more of a destination? Why do we need another dull office on a main shopping parade which is a lost opportunity to drive footfall? God knows we have enough lifeless estate agents taking up all the prominent locations in the area. The council won’t rest until the whole high street is dead.


Stupid thoughts but…It seems it’s all about money and who can pay the highest about so local councils can benefit!! I hope small business win and please stop silly time wasting excuses.

I understand your frustration… but I also understand the council’s efforts to ensure a mix of commercial businesses in any community. Without the planning use classes we could be in danger of every commercial property becoming an estate agent or nail bar. Or banks becoming Tesco metros, or pubs becoming homes.

On this specific case, the premises is actually on Clyde Terrace, not Dartmouth Road. And More Yoga isn’t a small local entrepreneur. It is a large commercial enterprise currently with over 35 studios in London. I’d also say that while an office may seem boring, they are also important to the community as bring variety to the employment mix in the area as well as provide additional footfall for the Dartmouth Street businesses. As @anotherjohn suggested, perhaps the Council aren’t inclined to change the use from B1 to D2 quites so quickly yet. It is ultimatey the building owner’s responsibility to find suitable tenants and I would hope someone finds Forest Hill attractive enough to establish new business.

By the way, the Decision notice seems to have disappeared so maybe there is a review happening and you’ll get to yoga soon.

ETA… we shouldn’t also overlook the fact the More Yoga began taking money from people before they had a business premise they could use. Personally, that’s not the type of business I’d like to see in Forest Hill.