MOT station under railway bridge auctioned off

Can’t believe the MOT station underneath the railway bridge, at the back of FH station, is being sold at auction. It’s been there as long as I can remember, although I believe it was a wood yard prior to that.
I wonder if it will result in yet more flats?


The wood yard was further up between the station and Forest Hill Cars.

Well spotted; could have important implications for the Forest Hill Town Centre renewal plan.

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I believe this substantial building is the original coal shed for the early version of Forest Hill station. (originally known as Dartmouth Arms station when the railway arrived in 1839 and before Forest Hill really existed at this location).
Having survived that long under various guises I think it would be nice if the building could be re-used imaginatively, but I’m not holding my breath for its survival at all. Expect another stark 6 storey block of cubes which will envelop that whole area very soon with current plans in the pipeline for the area just east of the tracks.


It would make an incredible tap house for a local brewery. I’m allowed to dream aren’t I?


That would be amazing - but I fear that at a guide price of £1.4m, the only people interested in buying it will be developers looking to make a return on investment via a dense block of private flats :frowning:

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Yep would be a lovely place to live - on the south circular, right by the railway line and under the London City concentrated flight path. A haven of tranquility.


@anon17648011, you need to turn that frown upside down!

Fantastic rail and road links literally on your doorstep - no need for an app as you can check transport delays using a window.

Cycle to work? Bike shop on your doorstep.

You will want to celebrate your new purchase at the banquet hall across the road!


I’ve been taking a car there to be MOT’d for over 15 years.
It’s quite bizarre, as of the end of this year I’ll probably be carless.

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It is a great garage. Always get MOT and small repairs done here. Will they move the business somewhere else?

It would be so nice if it could become something like an indoor farmers market, with micro brewery and food stalls open 7 days a week. with pop up craft and vintage sellers at weekends. If I could buy it that what I’d do a bit like Vinegar yard in Borough.
(or Copeland park/Bussey building)
But then again I sadly agree that yes it’ll be another ugly bland block of flats :roll_eyes::nauseated_face:


Agreed, nice guy that runs it. Wonder if he’s relocating?

Or it could be a new station car park, so that the existing car park could be liberated for a pedestrianized area which could also be used for farmers’ market and other events.


And with a lift directly up to the platform so that those of us with wheels don’t have to go the long way around…


I find it odd that a big chunk of the existing site isn’t being offered in the plot for sale - so there isn’t as much scope as it might appear at first glance.

From memory the remaining area facing Waldram Crescent was part of the wood yard.

I think its ommission from this lot might be a big snag at this kinda money

Now listed as sold for £1,550,000!

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! Indeed!

Someone is going to make a lot of money out of that!