Motorbike theft - Siddons Road

We had a Yamaha MT07 stolen from outside our flat on Siddons Road. It was chained up, but as there is nothing to chain it to it was just chained through the wheel. No sign of anyone trying to cut through the chain so it was probably loaded into the back of a van; it would have happened sometime today before 7.30pm.

Sorry to hear this, they’ll take anything not chained down. I chain mine to a lamppost when possible but really the council should be providing motorbike bays for motorcyclists. Apparently the council is obliged to provide a certain amount but I’ve not seen any in Forest Hill or the surrounding area. If enough of us make demands maybe they’ll add them in :man_shrugging:t2:

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Can you install a ground anchor? If not have a look for Bucket’o’crete on YouTube.

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Southwark had a budget to install ground anchors but they had to installed on private land, like a front ground or driveway. O
Sadly not on the public road.