Moving House

Hi all!

We’re moving out of London next month when our lease ends - which logistically is going to be a bit difficult ! I’m trying to find out the best way to get rid of unwanted items , as we don’t have a car and I believe skips etc may still be closed even if we hire one… charity collections are also not happening at the moment , so … rather than leave outside to be collected, I wondered if anyone would have any use for things such as ::

Adult male and female clothing - good quality

Furniture - large Ikea wardrobe, two fold out chairs, a pressure suction baby gate , a set of basic Ikea drawers, forks

If anyone is in need of these things or can store them for someone who is , please let me know and I’ll happily provide photos ! I can leave them outside for collection nearer the time, deeply cleaned . We’re on Waldram Park Road

We may also end up with some food items to donate, but again - we just need to find somewhere safe to do so or be told if anyone in need and we can deliver to their house !



Reuse is definitely the best way to recycle where possible.

But if you find you are still left with a lot of junk that is best thrown away, Hippo Waste are still doing collections:

I think you can either order the bags through the post, or pick them up in some shops e.g. B&Q Bell Green claim to have 10 in stock according to their website.


I could make use of the above if they are still available. Can collect anytime (I will be working from home for a while!)

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Hi Andy!

Yes , still available :slight_smile:

The chairs are these :

And the baby gate :

If they’re still what you’re looking for , send me a message - I can give them a clean down this week and send you my address ? No hurry to collect , will keep them for you as long as needed :slight_smile:



Just wondering if the chairs are still available I will be happy to take them
Also how big is the ikea wardrobe , it’s just I know someone who is looking for 1

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