Moving! Lots of items for sale

Hello SE23,
My wife and I are soon to be moving away from Forest Hill :frowning_face: so we are selling lots of things we can’t take with us.

Rather than upload lots of pictures on here I thought I’d post a link to my wife’s Schpok page (mods, I hope that’s ok!) where she has been listing items, with photos and info.

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in anything!

Adrian :grinning:

Hi all,
Just to say that we’ve added lots more items for sale and will continue to add a few more in the next week or so (including a TV and European Double Mattress going up soon) so please feel free to take a look (we accept offers!)
Adrian & Laura

Hi Adrian and Laura,

This is great timing! We’re just moving into the area, and expecting a baby in December, so we’ll check out your items once we’ve moved all our stuff in this weekend. :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Jonnie & Lena

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Congratulations Jonnie & Lena! We’re also expecting (in November :slight_smile:)
Sure, have a browse! Good luck with you move, hope you enjoy Forest Hill, we love it here!

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