Moving threads, losing sight


Possibly one for the forum software, or an add-on, but perhaps it could be made such that if you have posted (or are mentioned?) in a thread, irrespective of the area the thread then appears, the trust level, or the verified status, you can still see that thread?

I really like and appreciate the careful curation on this site, but in moving things around it sometimes means the OP loses sight of their topic or post. It’s happened to me, and recently to @Swagger. As far as I’m aware in both cases things got fixed quickly, but it could be automatic and avoid a slightly purplexed and censored feeling in the interim.


Thanks for the feedback @ForestHull :+1:

I’ll raise this with the developers on


Just to confirm that Chris Beach has patiently explained the reason(s) for my recent query and has fixed it. However, I feel that interest in this forum would grow if OPs were left where they are without fear of being pigeon-holed into catagories that would attract less interest/exposure. Just leave them on the main page and let them attract interest.


I really liked the question you posed about how different people relax, and the discussion that followed.

But it’s not a SE23 specific topic, so putting it into the lounge makes sense to me - otherwise this may as well be any forum with the mess of memes, tropes and trolls that follow.

At the same time, we are a community, so having a lounge is a nice thing and useful - in my opinion at least. So I’m glad you took the time to post that particular question to us here, rather than somewhere I might never see.

And if I ever do meet you in person, we already have something to talk about…

Now about mate’s rates :wink: