Moving to FH


I may (hopefully) be moving to Forest Hill within the next few months.

I was just wondering what living in Forest Hill was like and what a resident would recommend to do within the first couple of months of living here?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Chris_Brindley and welcome to the forum. You made a great choice with FH!

Here’s a handy guide: Information for New Residents

Hi Chris - welcome to SE23.

Forest Hill is great. Leafier and quieter if you have lived in areas of London closer in. The hills take a bit of getting used to but after a while you won’t want to live anywhere else!

I would say get to the Horniman Museum if you have never been. Don’t dismiss the Wetherpoons either - it is truly a unique building and drinking experience.

It is true that the shopping and night time offer is a little limited compared to some areas of London but we are also quite well placed to be a short journey to a lot of other useful places for shopping and nights out - Catford, Sydenham, Lewisham, Honor Oak, East Dulwich and Peckham, Nunhead are all a short walk or bus ride away.


FH sort of grows on you. When I first moved here I was really only thinking of staying a few years tops but I am still here 20 years later. It has improved massively since then!
If I were new here I’d check out the pubs - there are some great ones and some less great ones! The All Inn One is tops for me as it feels just like a local pub should - welcoming and they do great pop up kitchens The Sylvan Post, Dartford Arms, Honor Oak tavern and the Signal all get honourable mentions. The spoons isn’t my cup of tea but the building is amazing.
There are some great food places and cafes too - all mentioned on here somewhere but Matoom Thai is new and worth a visit - long lists of other good places here
Lastly - get out and about - the riverside walk is great, One Tree Hill and Blythe Hill give great views and the Horniman is always worth a visit…


Thank you all for your suggestions.

Hopefully, I will be moving to SE23 soon!