Moving to the area

Hi everyone - we moving to London over the summer and just had an offer accepted on a flat in forest hill so all systems go.

Can I be lazy and ask what people’s recommendations are for the following please?

Barbers (Humans and dog), vets, secure dog parks (if any)
An alarm fitter
Plus boring stuff like doctors and dentists,

Thanks in advance :grinning:

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Hi Broughy… an early wecome to Forest Hill. It’s a great place. We moved here just over two years ago and are enjoying it so much.

There’s a great recommendation section on this sight with a lot of the stuff you might be looking for.


Ah brilliant I will start looking through the list! Thanks

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Hi @anon29047591bro and welcome! :wave:

Thanks @starman for pointing out the recommendations page - a wealth of helpful topics linked from there.

Also, please try a 50 search if there’s anything specific you’re looking for, and check out our Information for New Residents

Hope you find the forum useful - let me know if you have any technical questions (email or post a topic in #site-feedback


You won’t get a choice of GP we moved here 6 years ago and got told which GP surgery we could join (interestingly a different one to most our neighbours because the boundries had shrunk) Our GP surgery is utterly abysmal.
Ive been trying for years to move and no one else with have us. due to our postcode.
My OH gets his hair cut at the barbers on London road next to the thai resturant opposie sainsbury.
I go to Blue Tit in Peckham after trying all the local ones.
Vet-Lordship Lane Veternary centre very good flexible appointments lovely to deal with.
Dentist?..I still use my old one in Notting hill my OH tried one locally and is very unimpressed (every filling he had fell out or broke ) so is looking for a local one.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll pass the barber ones on to my other half, I do my own!
I guess the GP will just be what it will be if limited by postcodes.

I’ve looked around the forum but can’t see any suggestions for dog grooming?I’ve got 2 muts that need regular maintenance so would be useful having somewhere I could walk to.

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I use the Vale Medical centre GP and has always been fine, thankfully not had to visit loads but they were good throughout my pregnancy and have always been able to get a same day appointment when I’ve needed to recently.

Husband uses Robs barber on Dartmouth road and always seems pleased with his cut.


No idea on alarms. But just make sure your doors and windows are secured properly and the secondary bolt type thing that goes through the door is always locked. Most burglaries in this area are opportunistic ones where people don’t secure or lock their homes properly.

If you’re in a flat, ensuring people always bolt across the front entrance (people are lazy).

The place we’ve bought looks pretty secure but we’re so used to having an alarm we’d have to get one sorted just for added peace of mind whilst we are out.

If my OH had his way there would be bolts locks lights and guards on every entrance so doubt I’d get away with not having an alarm :joy:

I think the recommendations section includes some advice on local barbers… but you might be interested in this topic as well.

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Thanks I’ll take a look - plethora of options

Steve at Access Integrated is great

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