Mugging behind Sainsburys Honor Oak Park

Please beware my wife was mugged midway today walking down the alleyway behind sainsburys in HOP today. Tall man in black hoody top pushed here over from behind. Luckily help came when she screamed and he was chased off but got away. Be ware even in the day time.

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This is appalling! Can you describe the offender in more detail?!

Hi, unfortunately my wife said as attacked her from behind and pushed her over she didn’t see much of him or his face. Just said he was tall and skinny and wearing a black hoody. Been reported to police.


Sorry to hear that. Was this in the day time or evening? I’m always about there pushing a buggy- scary.

I am not going to change my walking habits based on a post from a member who joined an hour ago and I am 90% sure is a troll (along with your Stefania4Eva character).

A very hurtful thing to say :frowning_face:

@HOPcrossbun, with respect, there is nothing, technically, that suggests Johnny is not a genuine account, and I think your comment is unfair on him.


I wonder why the numerous likes my post quickly received have been deleted :face_with_monocle: who is taking these actions?

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Sorry, I undid my like as I figured I should be a bit more impartial in this one (you can undo your own like for a few minutes before likes ‘dry’).

I saw someone look odd this evening coming home from work with shopping. He was looking at me I felt wary. But a few people walked past him or her at the time but he didn’t seem bothered and kept focus on me. But I made a quick dash home still be alert. I was walking through Sienna place at the time not the Sainsbury’s side the other side. I was on my own at the time. I really didn’t like how he was staring or standing around. It’s hard to assume and make accusations when nothing happened. The lightening there is bad and not well lit. I did mentioned this to the owner at the time of building these new homes but he didn’t take it to seriously. I do hope you both are ok really sorry this happened but something must be done for better lightning in these dark areas or spots. Some people can miss use to their advantage. No one should feel fear of entering areas like that dark or light regardless of living there or not!! Stay safe my fellow neighbours.

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Really sorry to hear that your wife suffered this attack, @Johnny. I know the alley you’re referring to - I walked past it every day, coming home from work, and I always felt it was a dodgy and poorly lit hazard, especially at this time of year.

Sorry also that you received an unwarranted personal attack on this forum. That’s not something that often happens here. Unfortunately tensions are running high due to several suspicious accounts that have popped up in the last 24 hours and caused some disruption.

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I’m so sorry Johnny that your wife had this awful experience. I hope she’s ok.

@HOPcrossbun my first post on this forum was also to warn people of criminals, which I made very soon after thieves damaged my car trying to steal my catalytic converter. I think it’s a natural feeling when something horrid has happened to want to get the message out to others to be wary. I think that’s just what Johnny wanted to do. But I am new to the site, so I don’t know if there are undercurrents that you know about of which I’m unaware. I take comfort that people on this forum generally seem to care about neighbours and the neighbourhood.


Really sorry to hear Johnny, these things are horrible for the victim. I walk down that alleyway periodically and it is unfortunately quite secluded an area.

Whilst muggings appear to be comparatively uncommon in Honor Oak, they can happen as they can anywhere, and at any time of the day (quite a few years back I helped a lady retrieve a phone from a youth who had decided he wanted it - that was around 1pm on Bovil Road).

Thankfully there is a good community here and people will come out to help, and whilst I’m sure your wife will struggle for a bit post this, hopefully that will give her some comfort and reassurance.

Hopefully there might be some CCTV of the person from one of the high street cameras.

\ not sure if this is appropriate, but there are a number of self defence \ martial art classes in the area if that would help build your wife’s confidence up again - there is a JuJitsu class at the Ackroyd Centre on Monday evenings at 8pm which I assume is close to you here:


Yes this is my first post on and made purely as post, it’s was just to warn people locally to be careful and vigilant as this happened midday day in broad daylight.

Yes this is my first post, I don’t use forums obviously and and joined and posted this purely as thought my duty to let local residents know so they can decide if they wish to avoid this alleyway (which is easy to do) and be aware that this has happened in our area.

I don’t take offense at negative comments as it really doesn’t bother me and don’t want to scare people either but it’s reality and it happened.

We have lived in HOP for 10 yrs and never had any problems. Wife is informing other parents she knows from Dalmain School and it’s been reported to the police.

Hopefully it’s a one off random effect and we all know this can happen anywhere.

thks for the kind words & again hope no one else suffers such a event.


Is your Beautiful Wife ok? and no serious injuries thought the scare was enough. I really hope nothing was taken of value. And that idiot gets caught!! Please no need to justify your reason for sharing this it’s so important. Have a great day you both deserve this and more.

Stay safe and extra alert neighbours your safely is so important and valued. And no one should have to deal with that day or night like ever!!

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