Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area [2017]



Passed on by a local resident who wished to remain anonymous:

This will be reported officially to the police.

Narrow lane from South Road to Shipman Road - safe at night?

Heard of one in colfe road last night too - mugging! Be vigilant


What do the 3 guys look like?


This is quite close to where I live and, thus, very worrying. I have never liked that small passageway between Sunderland Road and Shipman Road and would not feel safe going through there on my own in the dark. However, it now seems that being with someone else isn’t even safe. This passageway seems to attract crime. In my 18 months or so in the neighbourhood, there have been quite a few incidents that have happened in this passageway reported on this site and others. Has it always been like this or is this something that is a recent development?


Oh no this is terrible. My sons starts nursery at Little Fingerprints in Spring and was planning on walking through this alley around 6 each eve. Is it safe when dark even if early evening?


It seems that these mindless morons just sprung up in different areas for a while before moving in elsewhere. We had a spate of muggings down Grierson Road a few years ago until they got caught.
I would definitely avoid alleyways especially as the days get darker quicker. It’s just a case of being vigilant isn’t it & keeping your phone etc in your bag as much as possible.


Yep they normally spring up in an area, do maximum damage, the one police officer on duty for the whole borough turns up a couple weeks later and they move on to the next spot.


I’ve walked through that path at least twice a day for the last 9 years. My wife had something not so nice happen there a few years ago. I have never once seen a police officer in the vacinity. I understand about resourcing etc, but the only 2 times I’ve seen police out and about in the last 6 months have been at the Hornman and Mayow Park fun events’.


Oh no that’s awful. Maybe I don’t go that way back home the a buggy then :frowning:



I’m a big bloke from Belfast and I tend to stick to the South Circular on the way home after dark at this time of the year and avoid that cut-through.

Without wishing to get into a debate about whether it should be the case that every corner of every street is safe 24/7 (it should be, but it isn’t), the streetwise / risk-averse approach I’ve taken (since a friend was mugged there two years ago around 9pm) is to go the long way around.


I live about 5 minutes walk away and a firework was thrown at our window around that time on Tuesday night, smashed it and terrified my cat. Reported to police too but not seen yet.


I use the alleyway noted above on a daily basis and at all times. Again - not a small bloke.

The worst thing is if people stop using it. Visibility is generally good until you get to the kink where the garden fence juts out.

That said I wouldn’t walk down it with headphones on!


Very true. Is there something that could be done? Speak to Police about better lighting and CCTV perhaps?



These same three men also robbed and brutally beat someone on their doorstep on Como Road after shooting a firework at them on the night of Oct 31.


Not sure if this should be in a different thread but, sadly, last night (the 9th) there was another incident.

Around 9:30pm, a guy ran towards Kemble Road from Cibber Road yelling for help. Two young males caught up and beat him until he handed his phone. Police arrived relatively quickly after several neighbours called but they had already fled back towards Cibber Road.

Apparently he was walking his dog when he saw these guys trying to break in a house. He was whacked in the head but seemed fine. One of the robbers seemed to have what seemed like a metallic crutch—that he used to whack the guy. It was too dark to recognise the 2 guys from our window.

Stay vigilant!


And again this evening.


This is a really disturbing pattern of events. I’m so sorry to hear what’s happened. More targeted action required to surveil these roads and catch this gang. There may be things that residents can do to help.

Paging @SgtBiddle :policeman:t2:


Indeed. I appreciate local police resources are strained but this needs to be a priority. I did notice the Police tweeted that they had patrolled the area last week but the tweet implied that they had done so in the middle of the day?! It seems that these incidents are occuring after dark.