Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area [2017]



I was robbed in Mugging Alley (shipman end) in 2012. I posted details in the current fb thread on this topic.


They need to patrol in the evening and put cctv up


I just saw them on Trilby road, 3 blokes, One black man with a partial mask riding a large mountain bike with large rectangle reflectors on the wheels. Didn’t see the rest clearly.


Hi there, I was the guy who got mugged and attacked on Kemble on Wednesday night at 9.10. Pretty sure they were definitely looking to burgle a house on Cibber which is where I first saw them loitering and where they unfortunately saw me.

The guy with the limp is a light-skinned black male; 5’ 10, 18-20, skinny, black jeans, hoodie, neck scarf, apparently seen the next day in Forest Hill high street by a cashpoint asking for cash, then walking up Dartmouth Road. The other male is white around 18-20, 5’ 10, dark hoodie, dark jeans and equally skinny.

It’s normally such a safe area and having been here over 20 years, have walked these streets, including the Sunderland Rd alley, hundreds of times at night, barely passing anyone. So let’s try and get these idiots off our streets ASAP.

Lewisham CID are taking this mugging extremely seriously and therefore think they should be informed about associated incidents as it sounds like they’re linked to same group of stupid knuckle-scrapers.

Let’s try and get this nipped in the bud ASAP.

Detective Constable Jay Gasson
Lewisham Criminal Investigation Department
Phone: 02087214892 | Internal: 74892


Looks like my hunch about my muggers casing the house in Cibber Road was correct.

Have just walked past and the porch now has cardboard covering up a missing pane of glass. They were obviously after the trainers they could see and I interrupted them.

It also heavily suggests they’re locals and still very much active in the area.


Just part and parcel of living in a big city.

But seriously just hand over your stuff. Don’t engage these people. Especially the young ones. They have nothing to lose (going to Juvenile / prison is a badge of honour and where they get their proper criminal training). All it takes is one unlucky punch or being struck in the wrong place with God knows what and it’s game over.

I think a lot of home / contents insurance include valuables lost outside the home too. So if you have to hand over a phone or a wallet then you may be able to claim it back. It’s only money anyway.


My husband was mugged at about 6 one evening in October three years ago walking through Ladywell Fields (rookie mistake which we’ve not repeated). I rang our banks and insurance co from A&E having been taken there by the really kind guy from Lewisham police. All were cancelled etc and our insurers (Ecclesiastical) covered everything - we had a cheque in three days. Unfortunately, despite CCTV picking up images in Catford MacDonalds and a convenience shop where they had used his contactless debit cards about half an hour after the mugging, the guys who had done it (two of them with a baseball bat) remain uncaught for this offence. It is an unfortunate part of life in a very big city but the insurance company, NHS staff and police were all great. Hope you get past this, it made us seriously reconsider being in London for a while, and on balance I am glad we have stayed (and continue to enjoy the parks in daylight hours!)


So I jog through the alley twice a day, almost every day and I don’t want to stop because of these events. It’s all well and good sharing stories and talking about it but does anyone know what exactly is going to be done about it? Off the top of my head, there are CCTV cameras which I think would be good but I can’t see the local authorities actioning this. Ideally, a bunch of blokes needs to catch them and put all 3 in crutches.


Jokingly I thought this will limit movements between our houses. But realistically I’ll probably take the alternate route to my GPs or when walking to B&Q.


Interesting that a crutch is mentioned, about 3 years ago there was a spate of burglaries off of Taymount rise, I saw 3 young guys walking into the close who I didn’t recognise glancing around and looking generally a bit edgy-one of them had a crutch, My neighbour came out having seen them too and being mindful of the daytime spate of robberies we’d been having.
The 3 youths then became confrontational and aggressive towards us for staring at them-but eventually left.
I later heard that they had been breaking into houses using the crutch to smash windows and locks, although I must confess my first instinct was 'oh they’re harmless-one of them is limping with a crutch.
I wonder if its the same trio having been let out of detention for their past misdemeanours and up to their old tricks?


CCTV is useless if they are wearing hoodies or masks. I think if someone has a hoodie on its basically unusable.


If there’s enough CCTV to connect the dots, we may discover where they live.

Living in an Orwellian dystopia does have its upsides.


I agree with Chris here. Although CCTV cannot physically stop crime, it does provide a safer feel to the area but most importantly it can be used to trace and potentially identify the individuals


except I heard that a lot of councils don’t even turn the cctv cameras on as they can’t afford to monitor and maintain them.
I read this somewhere.


Shared on behalf of Sgt Jon Biddle:


Keep on the case Sgt Biddle. Its good to hear from you and your colleagues on forums such as this. I hope you have the resources to help us.


Hi all,

I’ve just managed to get back onto the forum.

I’ll try to update you with any developments.

Please email PC Bailey or PC Pearce on the emails above with any further info.

My team are out over the next few days and I’ve asked for further resources. I’ll be visiting the scene today and have emailed Lewisham Council rector poor lighting and potential CCTV.

Sgt Biddle


Out and about patrolling the footpath between Shipman Rd & Sunderland Rd.


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Good to see, Sgt Biddle and great to hear of the proactive steps being taken by the force regarding this.


Great news. I live on Como road and having never felt remotely unsafe in 2 years that has changed significantly recently. Just last night there were two guys driving up and down the shipman road/Sunderland road path on mopeds. Clearly an issue for any pedestrians but more so for those with young children/pushchairs. Thanks for the support.