Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area [2017]



Thanks for asking. Did they give any details as ‘nowhere to install it’ just sounds like a bit of a vague answer tbh?


I’m afraid not.

I looked at lighting too and the lights are fairly new.

Do you think the trees and bushes being cut back might help?

Can I suggest you contact the council/your councillor re any suggestion you might have? We work in partnership with them and value their support in this.



That’s frustrating. A CCTV camera at the Sunderland Road entrance looking down the alley surely shouldn’t be that difficult to install? High up on the side wall of the flats would be ideal, giving good coverage of the majority of the alleyway. Anyway, very happy to contact both as you suggest.

Re the bushes and trees, I was speaking to someone this week who wanted them cut back, and if it will help create extra visibility, especially at the Shipman end, then yes, let’s get it done.


CCTV can be installed on it’s own pole… doesn’t need to be put on a wall… and there’s plenty of space to put a pole up.


I find this a little hard to believe. I can think of plenty of places plus the ones mentioned above. Are we sure this doesn’t mean that there’s nowhere to install a camera WITHIN the alley? Surely one placed just outside looking down into it, or even on the bend of Trilby and Shipman will surely show who’s coming in and out of the Alley?



I made enquiries with the council and spoke to their head of CCTV. I was told that they had looked before and that there is nowhere suitable there.

Can I suggest you raise this with the council and or your local councillors if you feel there is?



Thanks, I will do. Would you be kind enough to pass on all the contact details?


@Mr_Robin_Banks All the councillor details are available here:


Update: I contacted all three Perry Vale councillors today re alleyway CCTV and impressively they all immediately responded with assurances of looking into the conversation that Sgt Biddle had with the head of CCTV at the council.

Cllr John Paschoud also mentioned that he had raised the issue of the robberies with the council’s Head of Community Safety on 16th November, and said he copied his response to my email into Cllr Janet Daby, who has political responsibility for this on the Mayor’s cabinet.

It’s definitely a start.


Good work Mac!
Thank you.


Good work, @Mac_SE23 :+1:


From our Twitter account yesterday - we are out patrolling the area inc the walkway.

#PCGillian #PCRichard and #PCMick are on patrol around Trilby Road



Just heard from my neighbour on Como Road that they had the sizeable padlock on their side gate cut-off with bolt cutters on Tuesday night. The house wasn’t broken into - it could be whoever it was heard my dog going nuts, which she did at one point that night, and decided to leave.

Might well be the same guys, so worth being extra vigilant re window and door locks etc. at this time and especially in the run up to Christmas.


Dear all,

I’ve now got a meeting with our local Lewisham Council Crime Reduction manager on Wednesday at noon. I’ll be visiting the alleyway with her to discuss what can be done re CCTV.



Please can you email details to PC Bailey on his email? (See one of my posts above).



Yes, will do. I did tell my neighbour he should do so when anything like this happens.

And good to see the PSCOs out and about this morning doing door to door re the recent burglaries.


Overnight reported crime update for #PerryVale ward:

Zero robberies
zero burglaries reported!

Great news!

#SgtBiddle :policeman:



@SgtBiddle Unfair reporting stats! We all know the naughty boys are in church on Sunday :grin:




Doesn’t seem I can win then… some residents like the overnight crime reports crimes that are reported to us - others think it’s fake news or unfair!

What’s the general consensus?

By the way the stats will still be obtainable on the Met WebSite and @MPSPerryVale.