Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area [2017]



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@SgtBiddle Very much tongue in cheek. Ask Michael what I am like. When he rolls his eyes and smiles you will have some idea.

Keep up the news and the good work.


Lol!! Thanks!

Serious question though… do you think it’s useful to know the stats.

It won’t be every day but will try as much as possible…

  • I like to see updates including stats from the Police on
  • I like updates, but not stats
  • I prefer neither
  • Other (please comment)

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Personally speaking, yes. I think for a lot of people they may not see police every day but the fact you are reporting on stuff and putting up photos of you out and about it great.


Having worked with manufacturing and construction companies I was never comfortable with prominent signs/announcements such

36 days without an accident

I was never sure whether it was a celebration of success or relief that the inevitable hadn’t happened yet.

Its how I could feel about these daily pronouncements.

46 days since our last burglary


You’ve won with me!
I appreciate you coming on here to give people the reassurance of knowing that you’re at least trying. You guys must be saints to commit yourselves the way you do to policing London streets.
With gratitude and warm regards,


I’ve visited Shipman Road again today with PCSO Andrea & two council officers.
We hope to get the overhanging bushes and trees cut back and are looking at temporary CCTV to be positioned ASAP.



Needs permanent cctv on that alley. I was mugged there around 6 years ago. All efforts appreciated though. Know very well that you do an amazing job with very little budget!


Great to see such positive action by all concerned. Is it also possible to do the same in the alleyway from forest hill station to sydenham bridge alongside the railway line as there have also been similar past problems there of muggings etc and we would all feel safer. Thanks.


Good to hear, but ‘temporary’?


That had occurred to me, but I assumed that it would probably be infinitely quicker to get a temporary camera up and running than a permanent one. I’m guessing that a long-winded application could be put in place whilst the temp solution is at least offering some deterrent/protection/peace-of-mind?


Please can we get an update on this temporary soution? :grinning:


Dear all,
I’m afraid i don’t have an update yet. As soon as I do I will post it.

On a positive note we’ve not had any robberies for a while now.

One burglary overnight in Round Hill. Keys were dropped by the victim and entry gained later. Cash taken.

Without wishing to state the obvious, please look after your house keys!



Would it be worth maybe changing the title of this topic to something like “local crime updates”?


I think it’s worth maintaining the focus of this topic on the roads mentioned in the topic title.

General updates from @SgtBiddle are always welcome, and are probably best made in a separate topic called “local crime updates” or similar, if the updates don’t relate directly to the roads covered in this topic.


Please see my most recent post!

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Thanks for the update and good to know. I was contacted by the police just before Christmas re CCTV of my mugging and told that if either of these two are seen, to call 999 immediately.

You do not need a crime number or to call 101, just call 999 and say that you’ve seen a suspect, or suspects, involved in violent robberies.


Thanks for the warning! Going through there in 10 mins. Any update on the temporary cctv? Apologies if I’ve missed this in an earlier post.


So scary they are still about. My neighbour was one of those who they attempted to mug. @SgtBiddle is there anything else that can be done in these other roads to try and catch them. As a fairly fit and active 30 year old this scares me so can’t imagine how more vulnerable feel… what’s the process to try and catch repeat offenders like this given your limited resources? Can you apply for extra funding to help? Guessing not! :frowning: