Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area [2017]



Also saw them walking Shipman road yesterday with a trolly and in the middle of the road


Had no doubt been getting shopping for the local elderly.

Seriously though, shouldn’t be too difficult for them to be picked off by the police if they’re being this visible.


Dear all… of you see these suspects please call 999. Please give a description and a direction they are walking. Please try to quote your crime ref number if you know it (will help when they are stopped).

We await the council re CCTV. I’ll updatr you ASAP.



The crime number is 8498/8Nov17 for my robbery, so feel free to quote that when calling 999.


Hello there,

I hope it’s fine posting this here. Apologies if I am in the wrong place.
Me and my partner are in the process of buying a house around Vestris Road and we are a bit worried having discovered all these events. When walking through the little path, without knowing anything about the attacks, I felt it wasn’t a place to walk alone. I am a young woman and I also find the streets around Vestris Road very dark in the evening. Would you say that the situation has improved? Would you consider those streets a safe place where to live?

Thank you very much for your help!


I walk through the alleyway around 7.45 and 18.00 each day to do the nursery run and have never had a problem. Lots of people doing the same. I do sometimes think about the muggings but I think during commuting hours it seems safe.

My neighbour was one of the people mugged and he was walking through later at night. So my advice would be, like anywhere in London, don’t go through quiet dark alleys late at night.

Unfortunately over our time living in London a number of my friends have been mugged in Balham, Clapham, North London etc so think you just need your wits about you and to be sensible wherever you live.

Hope this reassures you.



I’ve walked through there almost every day for almost 7 years at all times of day and night and never felt unsafe. As @Pea says it can happen anywhere- this feels the safest place I’ve lived in London.


Hello @Pea and @LeeHC and thank you for your kind answers! I am moving from Bermondsey and I don’t really know the Perry Vale/ Forest Hill area. The house is on the actual Vestris Road and it does also seems that burglaries are the norm in the area, especially around Vestris Road, am I right? It seems that every week someone break inside houses even if there are alarms! I admit I wasn’t expecting all these burglaries and the attacks! I wonder if it is just a case of them being signaled on here, while I might not read all the news about where I live now and maybe it’s just the average number of crimes for London. Or, if it is an area where there are actually a bit more crimes than the usual occurrence. I have been looking for a long time, we have had our offer accepted and we are instructing the surveyors. I just would like to feel at peace because moving it is a really big thing, we are starting from scratch and I would like to feel at home there. I can see from this forum that there is a nice community there, which it is something we never experienced here and I would be happy about. I guess I would just like be reassured that you would still move there, even after all these burglaries and attacks. Thank you so much for your time!


Again, I think sadly it’s a sign of the times. My friends from all over London and elsewhere have similar issues.

I’ve been chatting about this with my friend and we’ve come to the conclusion you feel like there is more in your area because you get to know about it.

When I lived in Balham before I was oblivious to it.

You can check local crime stats and last time I looked Forest Hill was below average (just). :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to compare the level of historic crime for any place you are looking at then this is a great site.

Worthwhile comparing this to where you are now. For instance, Bermondsey had four times the reported crimes in November 2018 over SE23. Though of course there can be hotspots in any particular area.

@chrisbeach. Given the original post is 14 months old could it be time to call time on the yellow triangle and note the historic element?


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Hi @araki - just wanted to reassure you as I think it’s easy for these forums and the awareness of such incidents to skew one’s perspective.

I’ve lived on Como since 1995 and must have walked that alleyway and surrounding roads thousands of times, and also at the most random times of both day and night, alone and walking dogs, and in all those years it has typically been 99.9% problem (and people) free. It was only in November last year that the area was unfortunately targeted for a three week spell before whoever was behind them moved on. So I would say below average in terms of London crime statistics.

But look beyond that period and am pretty sure you’ll only ever see the occasional house/car/shed break-ins, nothing more sinister. As far as London roads go I would most definitely class them as on the quiet/safe/family side with a lot of good people living here. I do agree that the street lighting is desperately dim which doesn’t help, but that seems to be the norm wherever you go now on side streets.

Hope that helps settle the nerves and please feel free to contact me if you would like more info.


I walk down the alleyway at all times of the day and night also and have never had any problems. They have cut down some shrubs there so its a bit more open. Personally there is enough space (if you choose the right line), visibility and footfall that I think I could make a bit of nuisance of myself to someone trying anything on. The alley along with the surrounding street seem to be used more frequently over the last couple of years which is a good thing.


Hello @Mac_SE23 and @Luke30 and thank you very much for your messages. I really appreciate them since I am in desperate need of reassurance and I am thinking of walking away from the deal.

We’ve come back yesterday evening, and I tried to work my way around possible alternative routes from the station. The only way seems taking the South Circular and Kemble Road if I have to come back alone in the evening. Since Vestris Road it is so internal among Kemble Road and Normaton Street it feels probably more isolate. From the bus stop (Forest Hill fire station) is around 7/8 minutes of walk and the streets are really dark! I am a minute girl and I just don’t know if I would feel safe to do that walk on my own. But, if I may ask, nobody has ever complained about the street lighting? There’s no way to improve the situation? For people that live close to the main road it seems fine, but for those three streets (Trilby, Vestris, Farren) it is a long way in the dark, especially if you are a girl walking on your own in winter. I was also thinking if there’s no way to set a Neighbourhood Watch Network in the area? Maybe it would help?

Also, since I just noticed there’s been a burglar on Trilby Road last week, does it help at all having alarms and cameras? I always lived in flats, and probably having a house it’s a bit different in term of security!

I really like the house, and I thank you very much for your answers! Thank you so much for your kindness @Mac_SE23 , I am new on the forum and It would be great to speak with someone that lives there!


My pleasure @araki - I’d be very happy to try and further allay any fears you might have. Why not stop by for a tea and chat? That way you can also hear from my youngest, she’s also minute and regularly walks the streets to and from the station on her way to college and back.


It would be a shame for you to walk away from what might be a great deal on the basis of a short term issue that was some time ago now. I’ve lived on Como road for 4 years now and like others who’ve commented, have walked down the alley way at all times of day without issue. My gf is also fairly petit and has never had an issue or felt unsafe coming through that route. It’s your decision clearly, but in my view you have nothing to worry about.


I think it is v much a matter of everything happening local being reported here. Previous areas I have lived in within London didn’t have the same local communication. Probably just as much happened if not more but I wasn’t aware. At same time time this forum has been used for people to connect and lobby for improvements/or discuss best solution.


Thanks to everyone who has replied! Thank you for your time! I am relieved in reading your messages. I guess it is just a matter of trying to get used to the dark streets. I appreciate your words and I will come back again this weekend to walk again through the alley, since I only took the South Circular or Perry Vale to arrive at Vestris Road. @Mac_SE23 thank you so much, that would be very nice! I’ll write you in private to see if you’re around this weekend for a chat! I have to say, it does seem a very nice community from what I read here, and I never experienced this before in London :slight_smile: Thank you!


Just thought I would put in my pennysworth for what it’s worth! We lived in the then fairly newly built flats down Ilderton Road (New Cross/Bermondsey) in the 80s, & although ok at that time, the corridors of the flats were very dark, which could make you feel unsafe. After we moved in the mid 80s on going back to visit a friend, there were gated entrances everywhere even including the bin room because of burglaries & drug activities, so as been said before all areas go through their time of crime so to speak. I’ve no idea what it is like around there now as I haven’t been back for years, but I can’t say I would find Bermondsey any safer than round Forest Hill. :blush: