Music on Ebsworth

Anyone know where that music is coming from HOP?

It was banging out this side of the South Circ last night - loud and awful but I thought it was from Colfe or Como. I mean I have terrible taste in music but I generally keep it to myself.


Conversely I have impeccable taste in music - despite that I also generally keep it to myself.


I also have unimpeachable taste in music -

As a general rule, if your music can be heard outside your house, it’s too loud. If it can be heard outside your car, it’s definitely too loud. It’s a kind of violence imposing unwanted sound on others.

The title of this thread may have got things off to a bad start. Perhaps mediation could be helpful if tensions are still there.


If it were classical music (but it never is) it’d be fine. Would show that the neighbourhood’s on the up.


I’m thinking of buying a cheap violin online and teaching myself to play it in the garden. It’ll be fine as I suspect I’m tone deaf.


It really would’t be fine - whatever the noise is it’s still being forced on others…


I seriously hope this is sarcasm. What kind of cars do people think should we buy and park on the street to give people the right impression of the neighbourhood - I’d love to hear suggestions.


Yes agree it can feel like a type of violence when music is played so loud, you can’t escape it. I had just found out my uncle tested positive for Covid-19. He died the next day. So I found the music permeating through my house particularly harrowing last weekend.

I know most of my neighbours, they are all lovely, hence trying to locate where it was coming from. I would rather talk to people directly than complain to the council.

When you choose to live in a community, you should respect the social rules of that community, whoever you are. The council clearly states on their website what constitutes anti-social behaviour. Speakers outside in built up areas definitely fall into this category.

NB…the car you drive, music you listen to, wealth you have is not relevant is it? If you’re inconsiderate, rich or poor, you’re inconsiderate. Nothing to do with wealth, it’s about empathy.


Just to be clear, my reference to cars was about the volume of music from traffic in residential streets. If you can hear the music outside the car, then the volume is too high.


I think it was probably irony rather than sarcasm…