Muting a category

I have muted a category. However, the category topics still appear in my latest list. Would they appear if I’ve made comments on previous topics in that category?

I believe so… this has happened to me in some of the Politicos topics. I think it’s just new ones that do not appear once muted.

Ah. I was hoping the whole category would be muted regardless of interaction on topics or not.

Just ignore them and they’ll drop off eventually.

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I think you can mute individual threads regardless.

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The mute option is not working. For instance the socialist masquerading topic still appeared in my latest list with no interaction. @anon5422159… am I doing something wrong?

I have added General Politics to your “muted categories” list -

This should do the trick, although you’ll still see some General Politics topics, like “Theresa May to trigger Article 50 on 29 March,” as you’ve replied to this, so it’s set to “Tracking”:

You can also mute individual topics if you’d rather not see them on your homepage.

Not working for me either. General politicos muted but showing for me too.

Topics that you’ve previously interacted with (liked / replied / read for a few minutes) will probably still show up after muting a category, but new topics won’t.


  • mute individual remaining topics that you don’t want to see
  • wait for the remaining topics to drop down your homepage
  • leave the Politics group

Not liked or interacted with the threads showing, they are new threads, and as far as I know, I have never joined Politics group.

Looks like you’re in Politicos - probably a hangover of when the site first started out, and when groups worked differently. I can opt you out if you like?

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Yes please mate