“Mutiny on the trains”



Oh, don’t get me wrong, the politicking still makes the author’s account feel less plausible (although I’m not suggesting it’s entirely untrue).

Why? Because those who want to nationalise the rails will naturally talk up any failure of a privatised system. Like Corbyn did with his allegedly staged social media posts sitting on the floor in a Virgin train.


Some really interesting observations about historical detraining incidents in this blog post; just saw it on Twitter so can’t vouch for the info, but the author certainly seems knowledgeable:


@jonfrewin a very timely article, that:


I have to say, the idea of privatisation didn’t even enter my mind when following this story. Nor politics for that matter.
Sometimes comments are made which could be considered political, with no political intentions whatsoever. Sometimes it is as simple as frustration and expression.

Not sure how this has somehow become based on a persons politics. I simply read an account from someone very frustrated with what they had just endured, with a couple of vague snipes at the older stock which they were told should have been updated.


@anon30031319 I was responding to Rachael


I get that. On a public forum, so I commented.
Seems a few comments had been made re political stance adding or detracting to the validity of someones accounts. I disagree.


Yes, you made that point twice already.


Indeed, and in the second reply I went into more detail as to why I held those beliefs, based on posts after mine.
Lets not start the “you had your say” stuff again please.

I disagree with you, that is ok, you say it has political motivation, I don’t agree.

Shall we get back on with the topic now?


As this has become a political topic…

I find the use of a) fat cat bonuses and b) distrust of our TOCs fairly politically agnostic. The use of a) can be found numerous times in the headlines of media of colourful hues including the deep blue titles like the Daily Telegraph. Discussion on b) is fairly consistent from both left and right.

I’m sure there will be many who will make political ammunition of this, and are doing so already. Though if this is down to negligent activity and bad management of this issue then I would hope that this transcends politics and that people on all sides of the spectrum seek for a better solution to our transport crisis.


Totally agree with you @starman - this incident is about management, sheer bad luck and terrible circumstances on the day and has nothing to do with politics, “fat cat bonuses” or what Chris Grayling had for dinner.


Agreed - for those who wish to explore any political contributors or consequences of this event, I would politely remind you that @general_politics is that-a-way :point_right:


Given the thousands of people who were caught up in this, I would love to see how many more have shared their experiences online. The one above certainly caught the headlines, but there must be more.

Will be interested to see the official word when the preliminary investigation is completed, and how it compares with the reports and rumours from the other side.

Either way, lets hope a huge lesson is learned from all of this.


Is there an formal investigation?


You would have to assume so. Something like that can’t happen and just be swept under the carpet.
@jgdoherty mentioned the RAIB earlier in the thread. Any further knowledge of that John?

Poor old SouthEastern really are struggling at the moment.

That said, there are reports from all over regarding their rolling stock.


Apart from early press reports and some industry specific blogs about the fact that an RAIB had been instigated there has been no official acknowledgement on the GOV.UK site.

Process dictates that Network Rail, Southeastern Trains and BTP have to report a de-training incident of this gravity.

RAIB then decide what action to take.

They come pre-prepared with powers to enter all properties and seize all records related to the incident(s).

In another authorised de-training incident in London, where the supervising staff realised the 3rd rail had not been fully isolated before the evac had commenced and passengers were already on the track, in November 2017, the RAIB preliminary report was published only weeks later in December 2017.

These incidents are treated very seriously.


Round 2 !!


Update however from SE


That Evening Standard article has been corrected.


Thanks for pointing it out, SE got some angry responses because of that.


So… they can’t check whether you were on the train… right?