My builder/carpenter/tiler [no longer available]

My builder/carpenter/tiler has some spare availability over the next couple of months so please let me know if you’ve got any work that needs doing and I’ll let him know.

He is THE most tidy and reliable builder that you could ever imagine and the standard of his work is impeccable. Stuff that he did for me 30 years ago is still sound.


Does he do stuff like bathrooms - fit new bath, toilet etc…

Generally, with bathroom refits there’s a fair bit of remedial work to be done before prepping and boxing-in pre tiling - and this is where he, unlike some other builders, makes sure that everything is sound and square so that the finished job is millimetre perfect.


We have a couple of dodgy fitting internal doors that need rehanging and a cupboard door that needs to be replaced, possibly with a custom made one - is he good with that sort of stuff? We have really struggled to find someone as apparently it is a “small job”.

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Hi Hannah
Yes, he does these jobs.
Out of interest, do you have any idea why the doors aren’t fitting well now?
Sometimes this is the result of a bit of movement in the building.
Regarding the cupboard door, that shouldn’t be a problem for the man who made this fire & TV surround from scratch.!

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Hi John, could do with someone to take a look at some brickwork at my place that needs someone who knows what they’re doing. If you could put me in touch that’d be great.

Hi Will
You’re right - I’m gonna have to let Fred loose on here so watch this space.
In the meantime, is it a brickwork repair or a new wall?

Perfect timing! We need to replace the bannister and ballastrades on our stairs, and potentially other carpentry work (creating something built in wardrobes)- would you be able to send his details? (Long time lurker, created an account just to ask this!)

Thanks John! Could I get the contact details too? Thanks in advance!

Ha - that’s so funny!
As you’ve come out especially for Fred I hope he’ll be able to do this for you.

Now, with all the enquiries coming through, I thought I should at least phone him to let him know that I’ve put a shout out on his behalf because I didn’t have any work lined up for him. As grateful as he was, I think he was a mixture of touched and shocked that I’d done it.

So, the situation is this right now - he’s doing a bathroom refurb for the next 2-3 weeks and he should be able to start lining other work up from then onwards.

However, as he lives in Carshalton and the bathroom job is in Morden, he’ll be pushed for time to get over this way to look at everyone’s jobs so I said I’d be happy to survey and report back to him, after which he’d contact everyone personally. This might seem a bit weird as I won’t be taking any commission, but I’ve got lots of spare time on my hands and my experience in house building and refurbs and knowing Fred’s capabilities (having had him working on all of my properties including my homes since the late 80s) means that you’ll be in pretty good hands.

So, if you would like me to have a look or chat about any work you need doing please drop me a PM and I’ll give you my mobile number.

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Please have a look at my previous post as I’ll be taking enquiries for Fred for the moment and drop me a PM if you would like to have a chat before I pop round to look at what you need doing.

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@Foresthillnick, @HannahM, @willmorgan, @BrightStar, @ThorNogson, @Alison
Now PMd

Thanks! Have messaged you!

Got it.
See you tomorrow morning.

Was fab to meet you :slight_smile:

A word of endorsement. Fred has just completed 4 days of work at our house and @Anotherjohn is completely right. It was messy work taking out two sooty fireplaces, filling, plastering and making good the area ahead of decoration, and Fred went to great trouble to cover floorings, carpets etc and to keep everything clean. His work was first rate. His general attention to detail particularly in the finishing touches in cutting and recreating skirting and trim to match the original was also excellent. Knowing how hard it is to find reliable people we feel fortunate to have been introduced to such a skilful and resourceful man.

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Thank you for your kind words Tim.
I will pass this on to Fred as I know he will be over the moon.


Agree - after an introduction from John Fred fitted three new internal doors for us. He did a great job and as mentioned above we was very reliable and tidy.

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Thank you Hannah.
I will let Fred know you gave him a shout - he’ll be grateful.

Is Fred able to fit a new corian kitchen counter?