My car gotten into around Honor Oak Park


Hi - got in my car this morning and wondered why door was already unlocked and empty carrier bags I’d stuffed behind drivers seat now on front seat and CD’s on floor. I must have left my car unlocked, as no damage, but never happened before. Luckily I never keep anything at all ‘in sight’ and absolutely nothing of value in the car for this very reason. Make sure you do the same! Opportunists I guess were around. Nothing was stolen because I leave nothing there to be stolen. :blue_car:

Car broken into - Derby Hill area

Thanks for the warning… think I’ll go check on my car now! :worried:


I believe there is a scam of sorts whereby some sort of jamming signal stops the car being locked, so people get into the car but often people don’t realise and it is not broken into in the traditional sense (ie broken window). I can’t remember precisely how it works, ant might not have been the same, but it is worth double checking your car is actually locked in case something has been done to lock it.


Maybe this


Key jammers are about. When you lock your car, check it is locked by pulling on the door handle.


Yup me too on Saturday - car unlocked and all the loose change and a few bits and bobs gone. I could have left it unlocked but I’m normally pretty good with that sort of thing.

I mentioned it in the Proud Sow, just in conversation, and two people in the shop reported the same thing over the last couple of weeks so I fear the jammers are about.


Could be true. As a safeguard, it is best to check you see lights flash or blip when you lock your car remotely. If not, lock it using the physical key.

There is also another explanation: there is a local opportunist, probably a junkie am guessing, who does pilfer small change from unlocked cars in the dead of the night. This has happened to us before when the car was left unlocked, nothing else was taken.




Happened to me for the second time last night.

Both times somebody has got in to my van, without forced entry, and stolen the ignition switch. I think they take the ignition switch so they can programme their own key, then come back another night to reinstall the ignition switch and use the new key to drive the van away :rage:


Time for a Crook Lock from Halfords. Sorry to hear about this, really irritating.


I had someone get into my car…I forgot to lock it but there was nothing of value. I think the perpetrator was slightly disgruntled at my choice of music though as it was laid out on my front seat as if to say “what is this sh*t?!” :see_no_evil:


So here’s a tip. Go to a charity shop. Buy the cheapest, crappiest CDs you can find. Put your favourite ‘car karaoke’ CDs inside the CD cases you just bought.

Voila! Your favourite music is now protected from car thieves!!!


I think someone just jammed my key at the start of Lapse Wood Walk. It didn’t lock after I tried it a few times and the chap behind me in a van was having the same issue. It locked after I spoke to him. I’m wondering if someone was watching.


If your car will not lock using the key fob then lock it manually. It wont help if someone has scanned it but will stop the local opportunist trying door handles.


Or just listen to the kind of stuff I do and thieves will be appalled by it to the point that they may even reconsider their chosen profession!! :joy:


Serves them right ha ha! :grin: