My kids always pull a great birthday off for me :-)


Music, presents, lots of love and a new outfit from them.

They are so special to me.

Happy Halloween tomorrow everyone, I’ll be wearing my new Birthday outfit from my kids tomorrow :+1::japanese_ogre::+1::japanese_ogre:


OMG!!! (I hope the term ‘birthday outfit’ doesn’t mean the same thing as ‘birthday suit’ - gawd 'elp us!).

Sorry, just re-read your post. I thought it said you’d be wearing your birthday outfit FOR your kids. Tried to delete it but couldn’t.


Hahaha, they bought me a new coat.

Love the boots they bought me the best though

They are ace :slight_smile:

Wil wear my new jeans and top they bought me tomorrow :-):slight_smile:


Elz done me proud with her shopping & the card messages made me cry as they were so thoughtful.

All the kids and their friends wrote special messages, course it brought tears to my eyes xx