My London: Munya Chawawa

The Standard have an interview with comedian Munya Chawawa, who claims to be from ‘around Forest Hill’ and also from Forest Hill in other interviews. The curious thing is that he describes his nearest supermarket as being an M&S:

So have I missed a secret M&S tucked away somewhere in Forest Hill, or are we now such a des res that Dulwichites are claiming to be in Forest Hill ? That would certainly be something of a reversal…

The full interview is here, though doesn’t mention Forest Hill much:

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There is one on Lordship lane I think…although that is more Dulwich than Forest hill isn’t it?

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That M & S is East Dulwich.

I LOVE this guy. His IG stories often show him strolling around ED. And I think his Matt Hancock/“It Wasn’t Me” spoof has been one of my 2021 highlights.

I think we can blur the line a little…I’ve just moved to (whisper it) SE26, but it’s so borderline that I would argue it’s still Forest Hill. Forest Hill is a state of mind… :joy:

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It also depends what side of Forest Hill you live on and where you usually walk to do shopping.

We are near the Horniman, so obviously Sainsbury’s is our nearest supermarket but we often walk down to Lordship Lane for wider shopping or to use the bigger Sainsbury’s on Dog Kennel Hill.

I have heard Munya talk about Ferfect Fried Chicken before so I think he is a Forest Hill lad, I suspect M&S is his nearest supermarket for the purposes of making the joke!

he does say he lives ‘around’ forest hill rather than ‘in’ forest hill

Maybe…just maybe…he aspires to be a higher class than he really is, therefore, it pains him to admit that his local supermarket is in fact a sainsbury’s or a co-op!

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Ha, yes perhaps he likes to ‘feel like frickin’ Elon Musk’ :grin:

:rofl: :rofl: