Mysterious bright lights?

I just looked out my window (at 8pm) and saw these very bright lights in the distance. They are no longer visible (at 8:20pm). In my photo the Crystal Palace transmitter and Apostles church are visible. I have marked them roughly on a map (below). Does anyone know where they are coming from?

I don’t think so - wrong direction and wrong side of “forest hill” elevation. Also looks like you are hosting Havant atm and the lights are no longer visible. My first thoughts were Crystal Palace, but I don’t think it’s them either

They are filming at one of the houses on Radlet Avenue so it’s a lighting rig


wow, that sounds like it!

Alien invasion obvs. I’ll be closing the shelter in 20 minutes.


Would love to think “The truth is out there”. Shame about the mundane footie.

My guess was something like this in front of the job centre

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