Mysterious cat in Honor Oak Park

A little calico cat has been hanging round my parents’ garden in Honor Oak Park for about a week. It keeps sitting on the roof behind our garden, even when it’s raining. We’ve checked with the surrounding households and no-one seems to know who it belongs to. It looks well-cared for, but we’re worried that it might have strayed too far from its home and got lost. It also seems to have an injury around its bum/back legs. If we could get hold of it, we would take it to Celia Hammond, to get it checked out and see if it has a chip (it doesn’t have a collar), but we haven’t had much success with it so far because it’s too scared. So I was hoping someone might recognise it and be able to pick it up! (hopefully you can see the pictures- I haven’t done this before!)


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What a gorgeous cat, I really hope it finds its way home one way or another. Thanks for looking out for it.


Tempt it with little portions of tuna. It will loosen up if it gets hungry and you continue to be kind. Do keep us posted, you are dong the right thing.


Oh yeah, we have been giving it food and trying to get it to come nearer to us, although it only eats if we’re far away. We are a bit worried that if it does indeed belong to someone, we might be coaxing it away, but I suppose if that’s the case, it probably wouldn’t stay outside in the rain

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It looks like a cat that has been looked after. If you can just tempt it into the house and pop it in a cat transporting box and take it to Celia Hammond or some such, then you will probably find it is chipped. If you want to borrow a suitable box I can lend you one.