Mysterious email


I have just received a ‘do not reply’ email as follows:

Chris Beach (chrisbeach) invited you to join
SE26 Forum | Sydenham
The forum for Sydenham SE26, featuring local events, news, photos and gossip. Community-moderated and mobile friendly.
With this note
Hi Robin, I noticed you joined the Sydenhamites group on
The Sydenham forum is now up and running, moderated by me and Jon Fagan (JMLF) and we’d love you to join and help build our local community there.
If you’re interested, click the link below:

[unique invitation link redacted]

Is this genuine? I didn’t know there was a ‘Sydenhamites group’ on SE23 life ,so, a fortiori, I didn’t know I’d joined it.


Right click on the original email address to see where it came from.

If in doubt, do not click on a suspicious link.

Mysterious email (part 2)

Hi Robin,

This email is genuine. It’s a personal invitation to join that I sent you earlier today.


Thanks, Chris. But I still find the ‘Sydenhamites group’ rather mysterious.


I just checked and you joined it on 7th April 2017 - it was a long time ago so perhaps hazy in memory. This was the original announcement about the group: Sydenham, Unite! Calling all SE26 Residents


Yes, I had forgotten. Sorry to have bothered you unnecessarily.


All forgiven when you sign up to :wink:

On a serious note it’s always wise to double check any unfamiliar emails.