Nathan Bowen

I love art but spraying ‘black d!cks matter’ on a pigeon poo covered discarded mattress is just grim

I understand you contacted both Network Rail and the billboard company about this piece. Did they ever respond?

Out of curiosity, what made you think I contacted NR? I can’t remember doing so.

I did contact Global via Twitter but didn’t get any concrete information out of them.

I’ve not seen this piece. Whereabouts is it?

Perry Vale, see some pics and previous discussion:

What do you mean by ‘particularly questionable’?


See the link in my comment. The issues with this piece have already been well discussed.

Yep, I know the Perry Vale piece and really like it. Was just wondering where the one that lee is referring to is - I haven’t come across it yet but would like to take a look and see what I think :blush:

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That comment was flagged and hidden. I’m not sure if the mattress in question actually exists - doesn’t seem to be on his Instagram page.

If you want a pic I can supply!

That’s a polite no thank you from me. :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s from Catford and anybody wanting to support him should check out his online shop. I actually bought a canvas from him last week


No problem with the murals and canvases , just the above!

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I think that’s fair, although I’m personally more outraged by how long that mattress has been there to be soaked with poop and rain

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Is there any evidence the mattress is actually by Bowen or just a copycat’s idea of a joke?

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