Need help with my crush gift for Xmas!


I’m new here and I really could use any help from anyone who cares about the importance of making a right move for your crush!

I’m looking to duplicate the really simple seashell choker for a crush for christmas (ideally). It is very personal item for him, which over the tome he lost it. Found out about its importance by convo, so decided to surprise him for christmas and return his trademark back to him. With no clue to what the outcome will be I feel it will at least give him this special item back. I only have pictures of the necklace (not really clear ones) so if anyone has any friend or knows any shop that duplicates the jewelry please come forward :slight_smile: Time is short but willing to take a shot in dark! )

Thanks for taking time to read this! )

I’d love to try and suggest something local, but have really no idea what you have in mind!

There are loads of seashell chokers on Etsy, is it like any of these?

Yes but I want the exact same one as he had. So a duplicate. I have tried google but have been unlucky! Want to recreate thr necklace via pics.

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