Neuroscience based Hypnobirthing classes

“Duchess of Cambridge used hypnobirthing to overcome sickness!”

Thought this was worth a share, hypnobirthing is very much in the spotlight at the moment and has instrumentally positive impacts on a better birth story - where possible. My wife and kings neuroscientist Naianna Robertsson runs neuroscience based hypnobirthing courses here in forest hill. Doing my good husband part as I am a member here.

Website is (some free tasters coming up, give the website a check if your interested or have any questions.

My first grandchild was born using this method on Christmas Eve and the midwives couldn’t believe how relaxed the mother (my son’s girlfriend) was - so much so that they got her to speak about the experience at an expectant mothers meeting.
It was a home water-birth and the labour was about 6 hours and reasonably pain-free, without any painkillers of any sort.