New Antenatal Classes coming to Forest Hill in the New Year

Are you, or is someone you know having a baby?
Are you looking to meet a sociable group of other local parents-to-be, whilst learning from a whole TEAM of birth and parenting experts?
Then book your place on a Happy Parents. Happy Baby. antenatal course.
We know that one instructor can’t possibly know everything about pregnancy, birth and parenting so we bring you teaching from a midwife, obstetric doctor, baby doctor and feeding specialist, you can be confident you’ll leave with the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills.
Hypnobirthing and baby first aid are also included at no extra cost.
Check out to see why our course is so special and to book your place. Courses are coming to Forest Hill in January 2020!

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This class sounds great. I wish I’d done something more medically based rather than NCT which seemed mainly to focus on birth. They had a clear agenda around ‘natural birth’ and their narrative that you should challenge midwives/ consultant decisions really grated. Good luck to you.

Ps great idea about first aid

Has anyone attended one of these recently? The group’s on their photos look huge which puts me off, but I am attracted by the team of professionals involved and very local to me.

Yes did their course a few months back. 14 couples in the class, may seem like a lot but didn’t feel that way at any point. Ahead of each class you had to do lateral flow test and temperature checks.

Personally found the classes useful, the biggest takeaway is the network you create. The larger class gives better opportunity for this from my one and only recent experience.

That’s really helpful thank you. Also considering a hypobirthing course alongside it, did they touch on that at all?

Yes. Recall it was a large proportion of one of the in person classes which was followed by a pub lunch.