New art gallery in Forest Hill


I can send you contact details for the owner who i met a couple of times last year. The problem is that he is trying to get planning permission for the work that has been done already to convert the top floor.


Thanks Michael! Any info is useful at this stage of the planning :slight_smile:


I don’t want to Pee on anyones bonfire and although I am keen to see independent buisinesses opening up in our empty shops I can’t help but wonder about the commercial wisdom of opening an art gallery in Forest Hill. Its a lovely idea but how much disposable income do us locals have to buy art?
Especially when we have Dulwich open house and havelock walk open studios twice a year.
I think Canvas and cream have a winning formula in that art sales isn’t their main form of income.
Even the fabulous StDavids cafe sell art from their walls.
there was formally a gallery/shop on Dartmouth road almost opposite Stag and Bow.
That didn’t survive.
I think you need to offer more than just selling art.
Peckham is more of an art scene destination than Forest Hill.


That makes perfect sense @maxrocks - and you’re probaly dead right.
In my ignorance, I would have assumed that someone thinking of opening an art gallery here would be drawing (no pun intended!) potential customers in from website advertising; and the shop’s location would merely be relevant due to its connection with Havelock Walk and V22 perhaps. The premises I mentioned would also be large enough to have rentable workshops to generate a buzz as well as additional income.


Thanks both for your input, and Anotherjohn you’ve hit the nail on the head: we will be offering classes, events and workshops as well as shows; we’ll also be focusing on lower-cost items such as prints, and smaller items and gifts as well.
In terms of being an art destination, well, you can’t become one until there’s some art to see! Once we have an active gallery here with a full events programme, I think we’ll start to see FH becoming a fixture on the art circuit.


I think somewhere with artsy type classes would do really well – I’d definitely come to them :slight_smile: There are lots of interesting ones in Crystal Palace and they’re always sold out, especially around Christmas. I think the key is to start them late enough in the evening, so that people can get back from work, around 7.30/8 and to have drinks too!


A wonderful idea. Myself and the OH have bought some wonderful original art from Locals to bedeck our walls, most often during the Havelock Walk events. We’d love the chance to view a wider range of local artists and in a better viewing environment then a busy event, as fun as it is.


Great feedback hojo and Starman, thank you! I’ve been talking to a couple of premises today, so hopefully I’ll have some more news soon :slight_smile:


Have a look at Honor Oak park. Good gallery there. I think it’s called “Something”… Nice range of works.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll be conducting a lot of market research in the area.


The gallery on Honor Oak Park are advertising space on this forum to rent, but would that be what you are looking for?


Have you talked to Louise House ?


Hi weepy, no I haven’t - is that a person or a place?


It’s a place next to the Library.

Part of V22 - Art Collective…

@Pauline might be able to intro you


Ah yes, Pauline did suggest I chat to them, I just havent had a chance yet! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


How’s the hunt for premises going? Any joy with the old Waters place?


Hi there,
I think it’s an absolutely great idea and as I am beginning my own business doing printmaking work initially from home, I would definitely be interested to show work as well as doing workshops etc… there is a lot of creativity and now some alternative places to see and experience it would prove really positive I think.
Can you keep us all updated please?!
Thanks and best of luck