New Brent Knoll School site planning application

Continuing the discussion from Former Brent Knoll School Site - Mayow Road:

A planning application (DC/19/113542) was submitted on the 16th for the new building on this site:

The construction of a two-storey school building and single storey ancillary buildings to provide a satellite site for the expansion of Greenvale Special Educational Needs Secondary School, being D1 (educational) floorspace including a staff terrace, with roof-level plant and photo-voltaic panels, together with associated provision of a sub-station, sprinkler plant enclosure, pedestrian and vehicle access arrangements with canopy cover, vehicle parking, cycle parking, external play space, hard and soft landscaping, and associated ancillary works at the former Brent Knoll School, Mayow Road, SE23.

A number of the documents seem to be unavailable right now, but the following site plan gives an idea of the new building and layout:

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A few more pics now the website seems to have recovered: