New cafe at 195 Stanstead Road? [2016]

Does anyone know what the newly refurbished shop is going to be on the corner of South Circ and Brockley Rise? It’s next to the Ride Me bike motorbike shop. Obviously some sort of food/café/bar thing but no signs up yet - just wondering if it is going to be an evening restaurant or yet another day time coffee shop.

Oddly, the refit seems to be in its latter stages but there’s no planning application visible on the Lewisham Planning website (searching for 195 Stanstead Road).

The site is formerly “Bubbles Food and Wine,” I think.

They even seem to have a coffee machine in there! Surprised at the lack of planning application but I guess they don’t need it! Or maybe they haven’t progressed any further as they have suddenly realized they do need permission…

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We popped in over a month ago and they said it was a coffee shop that was about to open so I’ve been wondering what’s going on!

So peculiar. It’s been like this for months:

Ready to go. No one home. :thinking:

Odd. :confused:

Nice quite music. Ideal for working.

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More like quiet no music.

There was some activity in there a few weekends back and I half expected it to open but they dont seem overly keen on doing so.

Definitely been an uptick of activity in here in the last week - now fully furnished and crockeried, and the obligatory A-frame blackboard for outside has made an appearance. The door was open yesterday, but it was someone working on the place rather than being open for business.


I go past this most days and still wonder why it has taken them over a year to get going.
It must be costing them a fortune in rent.

I haven’t seen it for myself but my friend tells me it was open today. How exciting! Will try and take a peak tomorrow.

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Very exciting! Who will be the first SE23.lifer to post a pic? … :hugs:

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