New cafe at 195 Stanstead Road


Has anyone noticed a new Cafe to be opened soon at 197 Stanstead Rd, next to ArtPizza and the m/cycle shop? it obviously replaces the previous cafe which closed down recently

New cafe at 195 Stanstead Road?

There was a thread here, anticipating the cafe - and it looks like you got the first pic of it too!

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Yes, I saw this post but I think it refers to a previous cafe which closed its doors a couple of months ago. Can’t remember it’s name but it obviously didn’t last too long.


Small World it was called. Hopefully new guys can get the business model right!
The sign for starters is much better than the predecessor’s


It’s not 197 Stanstead Road, that’s the Chemist. Its 195 stanstead as indicated in the photo.


Sign on the door mentioning a Brazilian café…


Sounds interesting, hopefully they will bring something new to the area

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I heard Small World ran into problems with not having the right permits.


This place is still not open . . it looks like they have run into problems already. Have seen no activity for weeks.:thinking: