New category - wildlife / nature / gardening?

I may have raised this before, but could there be a section for wildlife, nature, gardening? The General category feels a bit too general for them.

I know there’s a downside to too many categories, so just a suggestion


I’d be up for this and would propose getting rid of the little-used “Property” category in order to avoid growing the number of categories.

I wonder how broad we should make the new category? Pets, wildlife, garden, nature? Some combination of these? Category names need to be reasonably short to fit in the UI.

how about “Naturescape”?

It follows on from “Streetscape” - where I would assume the previous Property posts should be moved to.


Good suggestion - fits neatly in with our categories.

If there are no objections I’ll create this category later today, and remove the #property category.

Will move existing #property posts into #streetscape and #wanted-offered

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I love “naturescape”. Simon you should copyright that!

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Turns out I’m not as original as I might of thought… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…at least its on-theme

Newly created category: #naturescape

I have moved over what I could see in #general.

If any eagle-eyed verified members spot other topics that should belong in #naturescape please feel free to move them (all verified members are able to recategorise any topic on the forum).

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