New Covid vaccination centres for over-80s

How are they supposed to get to them? I suppose people from FH will be invited to the Excel centre in Docklands. Tube and DLR? Infection risk. By car? The majority won’t drive. Will there be free carparking?

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Will people in SE23 not be able to get them at more local GP surgeries like the Jenner Practice?

I suspect a lot of people who end up going to the Excel may end up driving if they can, but many will need to use public transport which will be a worrying for those in these most at risk age groups, so as above hopefully there are more local options for them.

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I hope when my turn comes I shall be given an appointment locally, either at a GP practice or a community pharmacist… I’m registered with the Wells Park practice - has anyone heard whether their over-80 patients are being offered vaccinations and, if so, where? Nothing on their website, and I’m unwilling to pester them at this stage.

Good luck Robin - it appears like the Jenner are pretty organised now and have done a sterling job so far, aided by some fantastic volunteers.

The news did say that being offered an opportunity to book at one of the mass centres would not stop you getting a local appointment. The Jenner is the nearest local vaccination centre (one of five in Lewisham).
@robin.orton i hope you are able to get the vaccine soon.

Asking for a friend, Michael, but thanks anyway!

According to

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Did you mean to say “won’t” stop you getting a local appointment?

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Ah, so ‘45 minutes away’ means ‘45 minutes drive away.’

Ha - yes, which isn’t very far in London! The advice is talking nationally though, so I’m sure they will figure out there are other transport links and such.

Edited to correct.


Patients at the Vale Medical Centre (Perry Vale) are having their vaccinations done at the Sydenham Green surgery at Bell Green.

They are sending letters inviting patients to make an appointment, so there’s no need to worry about patients who don’t have a mobile phone.

And people are being advised to park in Sainsbury’s car park.

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Except we are still receiving mail posted before Christmas - and some not at all. I suspect from the news the problems may be upstream and not necessarily at Sydenham DLO.

Hopefully Sydenham Green will be doing the same as with the flu vaccine and invite both by letter AND text.

It’s a real concern. The Royal Mail have published a list of blackspots experiencing limited delivery services due to staff unavailable. SE23 not affected but Lewisham SE13 is on the list.

We finally received a parcel via Royal Mail on January 8th, which had been sent by the company we ordered from on December 16th, so there are clearly some considerable delays at the moment…

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That explains a lot. I received my January edition of Private Eye last Monday and the Christmas edition two days later !

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Wells Park practice also sending texts that they will be using Sydenham Green surgery and to park at Sainsburys. Granted it is further for people to travel potentially but on several bus routes and plenty of parking! Focusing on the positives, clearly people thinking about logistics!!
Were told on the text that people would be informed by text when it is their turn. Does advise to dress warmly but also only arrive when it is their appointment time (I know my grandad would have turned up at least 30 mins early just not to be late)

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not sure why this has suddenly become a news story.
Royal mail publish this info every day at

Experience of a trip to the Sydenham Green surgery:

No queuing outside - the building is large enough that they’ve created a (very long) indoor pathway through the corridors. Shown straight in to one of the practice rooms for the vaccine (Pfizer, today anyway). Given a sticker with the time you are allowed to leave (ie 15 minutes later, to allow for the observation period to check you don’t have an adverse reaction). Go though to the waiting area to sit down for 15 minutes (staff on hand to check people are OK). Then leave. All done in 20 minutes.

I imagine their flow rate of patients is determined by the size of the 15 minute waiting area and how many people it can accommodate. Getting into the building itself certainly isn’t a problem.

As well as the medical staff there were lots of volunteers acting as marshals to direct people. Thank you to everyone who was working today!


So although they’ve created a long indoor pathway through the surgery for queueing you didn’t have to queue at all? That’s great! I presume they don’t normally have Saturday surgeries there which would make it easier to set up a pathway through the surgery than on a weekday. Do you know if they’re only doing vaccinations on certain days or 6 days a week?