New development on Beadnell Road

Interesting architecture… not very in-keeping with the terraces. What do you reckon?

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It’s not pretty but they’ve clearly tried, and imho it’s still better than most of what’s around. But £2,600 per month for a 3-bed located on a rat run and between a busy railway line and a slightly shabby industrial estate? I guess it’s a detached new build but still. Good luck with finding someone so keen that they’re willing to pay that much!

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It’s awesome! What a great addition to the road. So good to see adventurous modern architecture. So much light. Lovely that SE23 is welcoming this kind of thing! Hope to see more like this.

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Despite some very stiff competition, I believe it to be the clear winner of the ugliest building in SE23.

The “architect” needs a serious talking to.

Those last two posts are living proof that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.


I think it is a strange reflection on English planning rules. I’m sure that if one on the pre-existing buildings to the right wanted to change their roofline then the planners would have taken an overbearing and likely negative view. Contrast that with what they have allowed next door…

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These quirky, angular roofs have probably been shaped by stretching-to-the-max the 45 degree rules for protecting neighbours rights regarding light, shadowing and outlook.
Also, unlike modification of an existing building, which would generally follow form, a new-build can break the mould if it complies with Planning guidelines and policies and can demonstrate good design (as subjective as that may be).