New: Forest Cafe and Bistro

the new bistro, in the foodie quarter of Forest Hill, Perry Village.


Really excited to be reading this. Do we know what type of food they will be serving in the Bistri?

Does anyone know if this new place is going to be occupied by the Big Breakfast (people at least)? Or did the plans we saw not come to fruition?

ah I see I may have given the impression that this is not the Big Breakfast people - no they move in in about 2-3 weeks and their old premises will become Ibo’s barbers. It remains to be seen what aspects of the menu actually change along with the name, but the interior looks like it will be great.


Foodie quarter? Perry Village?? Have I missed a Brixton Village style rebrand??


oh yes. happening right here.

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For all those foodies - yes, it’s the Big Breakfast cafe. it’s moved to the left, while Ibo’s barbers have moved into their old space. It’s a good idea, although I wouldn’t be holding your breath for artisan sourced Norfolk wild truffles.