New Forum Banner - Your Feedback Welcome

Hopefully you’ve noticed the new welcome banner, which should look something like this:

On iPad / Laptop / Desktop

On Smartphone

You can dismiss the banner permanently by clicking the x in the top-right corner.

I’d appreciate help from our local wordsmiths to improve the wording.

Likewise, any design pointers from our talented local creatives will be gratefully received! :thumbsup:


I like it as it as a nice dash of colour and brands the site a little better. However I think it is a little too big as in I have a scroll bar on the right and it does seem to take up a fair bit of screen estate…

I like the idea of a banner - it makes the main page look like what is is, which is a home page. But I agree that it’s too large and I find the design too busy.

I’ll have a play around with it later, if I get time and there’s no objections…

Or I would if I hadn’t just dismissed it.

Yes same here - dismissed it and cant get it back!

Thanks for the feedback @Foresthillnick and @RachaelDunlop.

I’ll have a fiddle in the database and see if I can get the banner back for you. In the meantime, if you open a private browsing window you’ll see the banner again.

I hear what you’re saying about the size, although the banner is intended to be a “splash screen” welcome to new users which is then dismissed by them. I could make the x more prominent (and have a round semitransparent white circle behind it to make it clearer, as per example below?) [update: this is now done]

One thing that shouldn’t happen is a vertical scroll bar though. It may be, as mods, that you can see the edit button at the foot of the banner, which causes the scrollbar? (others will not see this). If not it could be that things render differently in browsers on Windows? I’ve only tried it in macOS so far.

Regarding the busy design, I’m sure there are things we can do with the graphic (or perhaps a different graphic) to make it less dominating. I’ve been playing around with some effects and I’ll post some suggestions onto this topic.

If the buttons need changing, that’s easily done.

Cheers! :thumbsup:

It’s a banner in all but name, not a splash screen so I doubt people will think about dismissing it. It looks like part of the home screen design. Splash screens are usually much bigger, to force dismissal. There is no reason for user to consider dismissing it as an option.

I’d rather have a permenant banner with a better design. It makes the site looks much more inviting and considered.

You might be right, although I’ve just taken a look at the data, and a lot of people have managed to dismiss the banner this morning. To me, the x makes it clear that the banner is dismissible.

Oh, that’s interesting, I stand corrected.

So you just want it as a welcome and point of reference for new users? I was thinking of something more permanent, so may be two separate conversations.

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Out of interest:

  • I dismissed the banner when I first saw it (I’m familiar with how the “X” would work)
  • I didn’t know I could dismiss the banner by clicking on the “X” until I read it here
  • I chose not to dismiss the banner
  • Other (please comment)

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Yes, that was definitely my intention. I’d fully expect members to dismiss the banner immediately, or after reading the “Getting Started on” or “For Businesses” links

I’ve tried a few filters on the image, which would help reduce the detail and make the overall effect less busy. Any of these appeal?

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If anyone would like to put forward a different image altogether, that’d be great.

Or if you’d like to try something a bit different with my source photo, here it is (click to enlarge):

Okay, let’s go with “paint daubs” for a bit and see what people make of it :thinking:

Have also tweaked the kerning on the header and put a semi-transparent white circle behind the x to make it stand out more

I’ve edited the text and made the second line the same size as the first. I think it looks a bit better. The first version was a bit weak, font-wise.

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Can we centre those two lines of text (couldn’t see how to do it)?

I’ve done this, and also tweaked the buttons to be centred. What do you reckon? The floating close button interferes a little bit with the centred text

I think it looks better. I’d also like the text to be a bit chunkier, if that’s possible. Does it have a white shadow?

Cool - have fixed the centring (clear: both on the header), and switched the site-wide font to Helvetica Neue, which is a little chunkier when used as a heading.

There is a subtle white shadow under the header to make it pop out from the BG. No likey?

No likey. It makes me squint to see what’s ‘wrong’ with it. Simpler is always better, imo. I do like the new font, though.

Okay… compromise - I have moved the shadow closer to the text so it’s more subtle.

Are you very wedded to the shadow? In self-publishing, shadow screams ‘amateur’ so it raises a red-flag to me.

I don’t think you need to add anything to make it stand out - in fact you are blurring the text because the shadow is light and so is the background.