New funding source for Lewisham charities/non profit organisations

London City Airport have just launched their new fund, across London Boroughs affected by their aircraft operations. An opportunity for Lewisham charities and non profits to apply for small grants from £300 to £3000.


Guilt money?

I had resisted the temptation to comment on their motivation!
Yes it will help soften up the Councils ahead of their soon expected new expansion plans.
Whatever, the money’s there so best that SE23 community gets a share. Keep going with complaint letters though!

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The new London City Airport fund for charities is £75k pa, which compares with around £30m annual profit for the Airport. It will be spread around 13 London Boroughs affected by their flightpaths - under £6k each on average. Good PR to attach your business to charitable giving though.
Maybe it would help our local charities to know exactly which 8 Lewisham Wards are overflown at under 2000ft by London City Airport. Here we go:-

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