New gym? [Energie Gym Refurb]


Just driving round south circular, saw signs for a ‘new gym’ on the lampposts by the lordship lane junction. Turned off before I saw where this ‘new gym’ is. Any ideas? Or is it just the refurbed Energie?


Pretty sure it’s just the refurbed energie - I received an email from them talking about how they have been advertising their “new branding in and around the gym”


Yep it’s for the refurbed energie, due to reopen in July. I found it a bit strange that they chose to plastered London rd with adverts for the ‘new gym’, when it isn’t due to reopen for another 4 weeks


Anyone know what is happening with the new Energie gym on London Road ? Work seems to have stopped and they have taken down all the new gym posters


I did see them handing out leaflets with a special price by the station last night.

Has anyone noticed if the windows are still clear? Some people may want to show off to the public while working out. I’m not one of those.


They have had Work delayed due to issues with the local council. Apparently it’s supposed to reopen towards the end of the month, but looks unlikely.


Is this now open? The website seems to suggest it is but my last pass by showed a lot of work yet to do.

If open any preliminary thoughts?


It’s open. Not going to lie, when I went to the opening party and had a look around I was a bit underwhelmed, but in their own words, it’s running at around 75% at the moment but they expect to be fully stocked in two weeks time, when the rest of the gym equipment arrives. They’ve made better use of the space downstairs by knocking down some walls and opening it up, so I’ll wait and see what it’s like then before judging.


Cool. Have they put any modesty film on the ground floor windows? Nothing turns me off (and others) than having a outside audience watch me coronary on a bike.


It’s called “manifestation”. And there certainly wasn’t any on Saturday when I walked past…


No. There’s some decorative stuff, but gym-goers are still entertainment for passers-by.


Hi we have vinyls on the windows now and its a lot harder to look into the gym come say hi if you get a chance.

Jade new gym manager


it’s going to look amazing. Everyone has experienced a parcel going missing and that’s what happened to us, unfortunately. we look forward to seeing come back and being completely satisfied when it is 110%. As an ex-member, I now love the way it looks.

Jade Gym sales Manager


Saw some bikes being delivered today.


Do you have PTs and what’s the rate?


Hi yes we have three PT’s they all have there own rates but one has a promotion block of 5 for £150 if you would like a free taster session with him his email is we are happy to help you. we have a time table up and running also so take a look at the forest hill energie gym web page.


The spin bikes are here and there is a class on tonight. Hope to see you soon.


Certainly looks smarter from the outside.


Hi Jade, do you have to book classes in advance or can you turn up on the day if you are a member?


Please log on to the forrest hill energie website and then book your class if your a member.

There is a new log in system.
Thanks Jade