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Hi guys, I’m new to Forest Hill and would like to meet some new people who want to meet up for a coffee. I moved in the area before lockdown 3 months in. I didn’t get a chance to make new local friends. Since the pandemic it’s been tough to meet new people in the area.

If you’re not up for a coffee or not a coffee drinker. I am up for going to Whetherspoons for one or two drinks with you. You can also bring a friend if you want. The more the merrier.

About me: I’m age 31 I work in HR in the city. I’m artistic. I like going to music festivals going to concerts. I like traveling and I love going shopping. I enjoy reading and listening to music at home. I also like going out to luxury wine bars nice restaurants and also getting my nails and hair done.

Message me if you are interested in meeting a new local. Thanks.



Hi Reann,

I hope you like the area!

My Fiancé, sister in law (to be) and I moved in to Forest Hill during lockdown last year too. Would love to meet up for a coffee.

We are actually getting married in a week so a little wrapped up until the end of September, but if you’re up for a drink in early October let me know.

I don’t know if you have a favourite coffee yet, but we really like Pantry and St David’s.

Let me know!



Hi Tolga,
I cannot believe anyone responded to this. I am shocked lol! I was actually coming here to delete the post. Then I saw your message.
I do like the area it’s very nice and serene. I used to live in Streatham which is a lot busier. It was a lovely area though.

Congratulations on getting married this week. That is amazing!

Yeah, I would definitely be up for meeting up for a drink with you guys in October. Let me know what day is suitable for you nearer to the time and we’ll take it from there.

When did you guys move to the area?


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Hey Reann,

I meant to reply but hadn’t got round to it. Glad you didn’t delete it.

I’m just in Honor Oak and would love to meet up (and have no weddings or otherwise). Drop me a PM if you can and we can see about that coffee!



Hi @Reann and welcome to the area, and forum.

I just wanted to mention a local wine bar (that I’ve not been to in fact) called Ground and Grapes in Honor Oak that seems popular and might be good for one of your meet-ups.

Grounds and Grapes sits in the heart of Honor Oak serving the local community with high quality food and drink morning, noon and night.

Whether it’s breakfast and a morning flat white to kick-start your day, a range of lunchtime specials or an evening glass of wine from our carefully curated wine list along with a selection of cheeses and charcuterie, Grounds and Grapes is a place you can feel right at home.

Good luck!


Welcome to the area. I think it is great that you are reaching out to meet new people.

There are a number of other events and groups that you can join to meet new people in Forest Hill. A cheeky plug for an event I’m helping to organise - to taste gin, but more importantly an event that is open to all to meet people in the area who may not know so many people.

And If you like art, there is the Havelock Walk open studios this weekend and next - in our little Artists Quarter - just opposite The Capitol!


Hi Leann

Girlfriend and I (31 and 30) also moved to FH recently and in a similar position

Drop me a text (07772960272) and we can go for a coffee or drink soon

Cheers, William


Hi Pepsicola, thanks for responding to my post. I’ll pm you.

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Thanks Oakr.

Hi Michael,
Aww thanks for letting me know about your event. I would be so up for going on the 24th of September & meet more Forest Hill locals.

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Hi William,
Thanks for replying to my post. It’s nice to know I’m not the only newbie in the area. I will drop you a text and would like to meet you guys. Thanks.

Hi Pepsicola,
I’m new to this. I tried to see if I can pm you but don’t know how lol. How do you pm?

Hello. I’m a former moderator on here, so you need to have more posts to initiate PMs (or DMs as they are often referred to here).

I will see if I can set one up for you both, if not the moderators will be able to.

EDIT - ok @Reann and @Pepsicola you should both now have a message where oyu can speak to each other privately. You should see a green icon top right of the screen.

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Thank you so much. Is there a number of posts we need to hit? (just for future reference?)

Thanks oakr.

Hey @Reann just seen this message. You’ve probably got a pretty busy schedule now but if you fancy meeting up sometime, please let me know!

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