New London drinking water fountains - four in Lewisham

Manor House Gardens
Mayow Park
Hilly Fields
Mountsfield Park

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While any new water fountain is positive, the Lewisham locations are hardly logical if the planners were looking to maximise use. Other boroughs (see article) have them placed around rail or tube stations.


There is also one in Mayow park already - but nice to have. There was also a new one put in the Horniman Gardens, but one already existed. I wonder if the planners even took existing locations into account.

How quirky that all new water fountains in both Lewisham and Southwark are to be installed in some of their respective public parks, whereas all other areas in London are not 100% public park orientated.

The Friends’ of Blythe Hill Fields have recently applied to the ‘Lewisham Greening Fund’ to have a water fountain installed in Blythe Hill Fields [among other suggestions].

Isn’t it pathetic that with all of the recent infrastructure development of the ‘Overground’ at Forest Hill/Honor Oak/Brockley, that free water fountains by all of these stations were not installed as a normal practice to reduce single use plastic and to simply provide a drinking point?

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I suspect that although the Overground infrastructure still feels relatively new, it was likely planned before the public consciousness of single-use plastics was mainstream. Yes, a forward-thinking planner might have put it in but I suspect the penny-counters would have swiftly stripped it out again. I’d like to see more water refill stations around although it feels like more momentum on this is coming from local businesses become refill points than bespoke infrastructure.

One thing to bear in mind for ‘popular’ spots is that they can end up overwhelmed by demand. The first refill station at Heathrow (after security) has a long queue and lukewarm water as it can’t cope with the volume of people wanting to use it. Even in Rome (arguably the spiritual home of public water) ends up with queues at some refill hotspots. They also have very cool refill points that dispense both still and sparkling water but that’s a topic for another day.


You’ve hit a very topical nail on the head by referring to airport failure to address obvious environmental concerns on single use plastic for drinking water - every single passenger has to pass through Customs without a beverage to sustain them on their journey and normally has to buy bottled water from WH Smiths/Boots, etc.
Single use plastic use should be the immediate ‘target’ for environment protest at our airports in my view. We should all be allowed to fill our empty containers once we have passed through Customs for free.
A ‘no brainer’ in my view.

Have you weighed up the environmental impact of the single plastic generated by this Vs the environmental impact of the carbon emissions from the aircraft? Are you a climate change sceptic?

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I believe that we should embrace both concerns. The most immediate could be addressed by ensuring that all of our UK airports provide potable water supplies beyond their Customs Control as a good start, since neither our domestic national policy or EU policy have addressed this omission.

Minor point, but isn’t Customs usual the last point of control at arrivals?

Surely you are referring to the security checks at departures, where fluids are restricted?

In the last few years, it does seem to have improved with several airports having some provision in the departures lounge - even if it is ‘go to the cafe and they’ll fill it’. It’s when security have different rules on what bottles you can take through that things get interesting.

The headlines today that TFL were going to enable mobile networks in their tunnels did bring this thread to mind. It’s going to take them 20-25 years to get the Tube mobile-friendly and people have been asking for it for the last 20. People have only been asking for water stations for the last 2-3 years so anything before 2030 will be a result! :roll_eyes:


Yes, ForestHull, a minor point. Just as the misspelling of DC Decaux seemed to singularly focus your attention in another post of mine.
It’s a pity that the main issues of my posts on different threads are not addressed in your responses and that I post under my real name, whereas you do not, which puts me at a local disadvantage to your anonymous posts.
You appear to not support any posts I put on this site and your anonymous posts are now causing me distress.

Please accept my sincere apologies, and do not be distressed.

I genuinely wasn’t sure if JC Cadeaux was a joke given their ‘gifting’ of land to property developers. It’s funny, in a good way, witty even if a typo.

Still, I find you have a unique style of prose which I find hard to parse, and you appear to shun assistance or cooperation - ‘just doing your thing’. Generally it looks like you are doing good, so keep at it and don’t worry about me.

Sorry everyone for a minor off-topic detour.


In have to say I disagree that single use plastic is the most immediate of the issues we are discussing.

There are interesting discussions on whether the anti-s.u.plastic movement is going to prove to be a distraction from climate change or a ‘gateway drug’… Fingers crossed for the latter.