New mural and planters for Honor Oak Park



News update from the Friends of Honor Oak:


I will be there next Monday evening to assist in the beautification of HOP station, Look forward to it :slight_smile:


Very exciting plans! Thanks for sharing :+1:


Great that they are taking the initiative to put two murals up in HOP- but, really, ANOTHER sign saying Honor Oak in the same style as the ones in Forest Hill, Brockley, Catford, Herne Hill etc?? I’m beyond bored now. What has happened to people’s imagination? Can they not commission an artist to come with something new?


Well sorry if it wasn’t clear but agree with you @HOPcrossbun, something different is called for. The idea is similar but not the same.


The funding comes with strings, but the hope is we’ve found a way to circumnavigate them.


Very happy to see people working together to make our community a nicer place to be!

My concern is where is the HOP consultation on this? Apologies but I have never heard of honoroak. org, and I have lived here for 5 years. I have tried to leave feedback on the .org site, but there is no contact info or feedback area?

In my personal opinion the mural would be much much better suited to cover up the metal bridge that faces you as you leave the station and not on the comparatively ‘nice’ brick wall where the posters are. It would be an uplifting sight as you left the station, and would mean we would only have one mural needed, rather than two?

Agreed the poster board doesn’t look the best, and could do with upgrading, but it does have useful community information on it?


+1 for this idea. It was listed on Sites for Future Street Art


Yes agreed but am afraid that though we were prepared to apply for temporary road closure while the work was done, the artist does not want to do this. There are tight restrictions on who can do what when dealing with Network Rail.

The idea is that the notice board will be moved to the railings around the corner.

Glad to hear it. Re consultation, am sorry re the absence of a dedicated area for this but the article did invite contact to an email address. Happy to hear your views, good or bad, here or there. We have been around for a long while but would like to engage more so please keeps the ideas coming.


Great news to hear of more local improvements.

Could another artist be interested in the metal bridge wall opposite the station entrance? I agree it’s both in a more prominent location and currently more of an eyesore than either of the walls, so is surely the priority.

Re the walls, I think the newer red brick wall uphill of the station is bleaker than the yellow London stock wall downhill. So if there are two murals to be created, my vote would be for the metal bridge (albeit by a different artist, and presumably currently without funding!) and then the uphill wall.

Anyway, metal bridge or not it’s bound to be an improvement, and excellent that there’s funding available. Looking forward to it.


It really does seem a shame that if you agree that the mural is much better suited to the metal bridge, that we could not find a way of getting more people on board and making this happen?
I’m not sure that because the artist didn’t want to do it there, is a great reason not to?


I understand @GriersonGirl. Sadly, Network Rail only have one approved supplier so it is their way or no way. Perhaps that will change one day but that is where we are.


I’m guessing ‘approved supplier’ means only one artist can paint the mural in that location which is ‘Lionel’?
If this is the case, and you agree its a better location… is the reason you are not going forward with this because of cost? If its cost, why don’t we crowd fund for this better location. If you are looking for help with this I am more than happy to do so.


No it is not just cost. We do not have the option of another artist on Network Rail property.

We will consult when we have a design for the wall on the left. Those who prefer the plain brick will be at liberty to say so. :slight_smile:


Personally I think that notice board looks a mess. Couldn’t one with a glass front be put up instead? Who is in charge of changing the info on it, or putting it up in the first place? I know we used to have a HOP neighbourhood forum, but has the above web address replaced that?


Friends of Honor Oak / @honoroakorg have been in touch with London Overground management and there will indeed be a nice lockable glass large notice board put on the green railings to the right of the wall. We will have a nominated local person who will be the key holder of the notice board, we will share the email of this person so any local community information can be passed on to be popped on the board.


What a good idea! :blush:


Was a lovely summers eve last night. As part of London Overground in bloom competition Friends of Honor Oak @honoroakorg were able to access £300 worth of funding, we put our heads together and created 4 new orange flower beds on the south bound platform behind the bench seating. We’ve planted a range of herbs and plants and replaced plants in the planters in front of the station. Although it’s pretty unlikely HOP station will win this year we are delighted to help beautify the station and its a good start which we can build on over time. Massive thanks to the 9 strong volunteer team last night and a special mention to One Tree Hill Allotment Society and Shannon’s.



Looks really nice :+1: