New (possible) restaurant - cast your vote


And add the most delicious Sardinian (sweet fennel) sausages at Il Mirto. Yum.


Don’t know if they’re still there/or going to be much longer., but if they are YES to them too.

And the emphasise on the gravy, my lord I love gravy!

  • onion gravy
  • balsamic vinegar based gravy
  • wholegrain mustard gravy
    The list goes on :slight_smile:

And the mash!

  • buttery mash
  • buttery mash with rosemary, my fav
  • Cheesy mash with greens

Melt it all in the oven with lots of cheese on top & it’s delicious

I’m starving now :cheese:


Sausage, mash and gravy. I’d be there every day. Every. Day.


Off to dream of garlic mash & pork sage & onion sausages ( just took them out my freezer) for my dinner tomorrow with GRAVY, I’ll decide on that tomorrow.

YUM :slight_smile:


I think it would be a winner

think of the variety of sausages…wild boar, chorizo, bratwurst, polish sausage…pork, chicken, beef, turkey, veggie

Maybe we should all crowdfund a bangers and mash shop?!?

could call it ‘‘Mash Bang Dollop’’


I think bangers and mash is an amazing idea @Jack and my productivity at work is significantly lowered by constant exciting thoughts and ideas about it!

And crowdfunding would be the way I’d fund this (I wish I just had the money in the bank!) and priority would go to local people plus friends & family.

I am really excited. And I should try and find bangers and mash for lunch now :slight_smile:


For me sausage and mash is fast food. The one I can make at home fairly quickly using an amazing range of sausages bought locally. Id be unlikely to chose this myself for a night out or on the way home.

Lunch definately but I don’t work in Forest Hill.


Maybe… But its taking the idea to the next level, with different varities of mash and gravy - that attention to detail and luxury you may bypass if you made it at home.

I think its a great alternative to a sunday lunch


You’ll struggle to top @Starman’s attention to detail and luxury… :wink:


Agreed. Would be unlikely to go to a place that serves something I could make just as well (ahem probably better) at home.


I would definitely go out for bangers and mash at lunchtime. I’m never going to go to effort of peeling, boiling, mashing spuds, having a particular type of sausage in the fridge, making a gravy. Not gonna happen just for me for lunch.

Dinner is another matter. But again, it depends, maybe I’d want someone to cook for me. It seems a strange argument to me that you wouldn’t eat out food you can make at home. That’s every sandwich shop in the world out of business immediately.


I go out to eat for the enjoyment of it, be it a sandwich, pie and mash or some trendy eatery with foams and emulsions. I do far less of the latter as I find it interesting but just a bit pretentious, I want to eat my food, not SnapChat it… I dont go out as much as I used to, kids does that. Our last meal was MeatLiquor in East Dulwich. Ordinary food by a few standards but lovely to eat, deep fired and battered halloumi with pepper sauce and blue cheese dip. OMG! Who knew.


Yes well I rarely order a sandwich out either, unless the filling has been prepared in a way that makes it special to me. Speaking of which, have literally just had a burger at MeatLiquor, so it is spooky @Londondrz should mention that.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “could”, more properly would.


What did you think?


It is good and had been before, though I must confess miss Sea Cow that used to be there. I think the fries are spot on.


Ah, that’s it. We were discussing who had been there previously. Must admit with the Jolly Bee doing a very good fish and chips spending a lot more (even for a salmon and chips) never appealed.

Try the Paneer Monkey Fingers. A little bit of heaven dipped in hot pepper sauce and slathered in a majestic blue cheese sauce. Sorry, channeling Rachael :grin:


Are you maybe just not in the market for eating lunch out generally? What would tempt you?

The key here is the suggestion to make bangers and mash ‘special’. If there are speciality sausages I wouldn’t have at home, that would swing it for me. Once a week I like to treat myself to a hot lunch cooked by someone other than me. The idea of a lovely plate of bangers and mash is highly appealing. Although it occurs to me that is might be a bit seasonal. I might not want it at the height of summer.

A question for the OP: do you see this as a lunch or dinner destination or both?


When working from home I eat out rarely but when I do so it is always an event for me. If talking sandwiches, then good salt beef would tempt me, for instance.

For the OP: I think it is instructive to compare this option with the pie and mash that used to be offered by the Clock House. It was very good and you had the various mash options that have been mentioned. It also didn’t last. Youngs, as they were then, were able to run it as an experiment. I get the impression that many people said they would eat it regularly when surveying the market but it would seem not enough did. Am wondering whether this is just the positive feedback on mentioning a ‘comfort food’. I also think that @RachaelDunlop has a point - how many people will eat this in the summer?


I think it’s a good idea - but I liked the old S&M chain (pun unintentional) and after they expanded to about 6 sites, they struggled to make a go of it, tried to sell and closed down.

I’d definitely be a customer if you opened something in FH like this - good luck.


Interesting. I was thinking that too. But my experience with Sunday lunch is usually with friends and where there is an option of mains including the roasts. We’d probably tray an S&M joint once for fun and the return to our roast beef and yorkshire pudding famials.

Frankly I still MUCH prefer @fabiodebe’s original recommendation.